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Farm and Animal Facts

Dairy Farming Today- virtual tour of a modern dairy farm

How Do Cows Make Milk? (PDF)

What Do Cows Eat? (PDF)

What is Forage? (PDF)

Forage is Good for the Environment! (PDF)

Classroom Resources

4-H Dairy Cattle Online Activities- various activities for 4-H kids to complete on a dairy cattle project

All about Dairy Cows - Elementary School (PDF)- booklet of fun facts and activities from the National Agricultural Library

All about Dairy Cows- Middle School (PDF)- booklet of fun facts and activities from the National Agricultural Library

Kidz Zone- activities, games, and quizzes about dairy cows

Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory - AIPL Kid's Corner

Hilmar Cheese Company - virtual tour: From Cow to Calcium

Diet, Nutrition and Food Facts

Dairy food facts from the Dairy Council of California

International Dairy Federation- The "Dairy and You" section contains FAQ's, Factsheets, and publications about milk and other dairy products.

National Dairy Council- diet and nutrition information as it relates to dairy products

Nutrition Explorations- fun and easy way to teach and learn nutrition

SUDIA- information about milk and dairy products

Breeds of Dairy Cattle

Oklahoma State Breeds Website- information about various breeds of cattle

American Guernsey Association

American Jersey Cattle Association

American Milking Shorthorn Society

U.S. Ayrshire Breeders Association

Brown Swiss Association

Holstein Association USA

Red and White Dairy Cattle Association

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