Investing Unit 10: Action Steps

December 01, 2008 Print Friendly and PDF

Image:Check.gif Check off the steps after you have completed them.

Image:Square.gif Resolve to develop a financial plan to guide your investment choices.
Image:Square.gif Read at least one financial planning resource and decide if you can prepare and execute a plan yourself.
Image:Square.gif List your financial goals using the "SMART Financial Goal-Setting" worksheet in Unit 1. Determine which goals, if any, require professional help to achieve.
Image:Square.gif Match the financial goal with the professional best suited to help you achieve the goal.
Image:Square.gif Use the six-step plan given under "Making the Choice" in this unit to select the right professional for you.
Image:Square.gif Become familiar with a couple of resources on investing and consult them often.
Image:Square.gif Stay involved in the process -- stay educated enough about the topic to ask hard questions, closely monitor the professional’s work, and balance your trust in the professional with a healthy amount of consumer skepticism.

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