Fruit Growing by Region

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Links to external web pages are followed by the source's name in parentheses.

Fruit growing varies widely by climate. To get accurate information on how to select, grow, and manage fruit in your region, use the following listing of links by region:



North Central

  • Illinois. Fruits for the Backyard(University of Illinois Extension) provides a summary of a number of fruit crops, with links to additional information.
  • Iowa. Growing Fruit in Iowa(Iowa State University). You can choose to purchase a hard copy or download the listed bulletins in pdf format.
  • Minnesota. Fruit - Insect/Disease(University of Minnesota Extension) is a listing of fruit insect and disease publications.
  • Ohio. Fruit(Ohio State University Extension)is a list of links to fruit fact sheets.


  • Colorado.Fruits and Vegetables provides links to fruit and vegetable fact sheets (Colorado State University Extension).


  • Hort on the Internet - Fruit (Maintained by Erv Evans, Consumer Horticulturist, North Carolina State University) is a listing of fruit links to publications mostly in the south.
  • Florida. Fruits and Nuts(University of Florida Extension) is a listing of fruits related publications.
  • Missouri. Fruit(University of Missouri) is a listing of fruit publications.
  • Tennessee.Fruit(University of Tennessee) is a listing of fruit publications available in pdf format.
  • Virginia. Fruits Home Gardening(Virginia Cooperative Extension) is a list of fruit and related home gardening information.

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