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"If in Doubt, Throw it Out" - What to do With Food and Medication After a Wildfire

Food Safety Wildfire Updated: December 08, 2015

Canned goods that are dented, bulging, or rusted or that have been charred or exposed to extreme heat should be discarded. Refrigerators and freezers may not...

Taking Care of Residential Trees After Wildfire

Wildfire Updated: December 01, 2015

After a fire, many homeowners wonder what to do with the trees in their landscape. It is important to determine which trees might recuperate and which will...

Erosion Potential After A Wildfire

Wildfire Updated: November 20, 2015

 Assessing the erosion potential after a wildfire is an important step of post-fire management. Erosion is a natural process occurring on landscapes at...

Wildfire and Its Effects on Streams and Rivers

Wildfire Updated: July 17, 2013

Wildfire affects streams and rivers in a multitude of ways, and the health and wealth of a stream environment are reflections of the condition of the...

Evaluating Damage to Your Home After a Wildfire

Wildfire Updated: July 17, 2013

Evaluating damage to your home after a wildfire should be done at the first opportunity. Your insurance agent should be the first person you contact. The...

Safely Returning to Your Home After a Wildfire

Wildfire Updated: July 11, 2013

 Many homeowners wonder when it is safe to return to their homes after a wildfire. Once you are given the "all clear" to go home, what you should look for...

Why Firefighters Can’t Always Save Every Home

Wildfire Updated: July 11, 2013

  Most fire authorities have priorities in wildfires:Firefighters' first priority is to save lives. This includes the public as well as those fighting the...

Wildfire Retardants

Wildfire Updated: July 11, 2013

Usually seen on the evening news as red cloud being sprayed out of an airplane, fire retardants have been widely used since the late 1950s and are extremely...

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