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Goat Vegetation Facilities

Goats Updated: November 09, 2015

   Goats being used for vegetation control in the southern United States typically need little shelter. Often goats have enough shade and shelter from the...

Goat Vegetation Systems

Goats Updated: November 09, 2015

A major decision is the type of goat enterprise desired for use in vegetation control. Do you want to have a brood goat operation, a stocker goat operation,...

Goat Vegetation Systems Business

Goats Updated: November 09, 2015

   If you want to use goats for brush control, how do you get into the business? The first step is to visit other producers, especially those that are using...

Goat Vegetation Goats Control

Goats Updated: November 09, 2015

   Time is needed for goats to sustainably control brush and weeds. Brush and weeds are not as well adapted to repeated defoliation as are grasses. ...

Goat Vegetation Predators

Goats Updated: November 09, 2015

   Predators are a serious problem in the use of goats for vegetation management as locations are often remote, with habitat that provides natural cover for...

Goat Vegetation Management

Goats Updated: October 26, 2015

For well over 100 years, goats have been used to manage unwanted vegetation in the United States. The role of goats in vegetation management is expected to...

Goat Vegetation Why

Goats Updated: October 26, 2015

The most common reason given by producers wanting to manage vegetation is to grow more grass to produce more beef. There also may be a desire to enhance the...

Goat Vegetation Goats Beneficial

Goats Updated: June 24, 2014

Several characteristics of goats make them the animal of choice for vegetation management. Goats are a low-input animal, require a minimum investment for...

Goat Vegetation Goats Dietary

Goats Updated: June 19, 2013

Dietary preferencesIt is necessary for goats to consume a plant in order to control it. Therefore, the question is, “Will goats eat the plant or target...

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