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Equipment and facilities for managing manure on small farms

Animal Manure Management Updated: June 07, 2018

The number of small farms is increasing in much of the country, ensuring up to date information is available is important to protect water and environmental...

Livestock Mortality Composting – Beyond the Basics Part 2

Animal Manure Management Updated: May 30, 2017

Topics for this webcast include: fate of euthanasia drugs during composting; can composting destroy prions; and mortality composting worker safety...

Water Quality Regulations and Animal Agriculture Curriculum Materials

Animal Manure Management Updated: June 01, 2016

As livestock and poultry production has intensified it is no surprise that regulations have become a more prominent part of the business. This module...

Reaching the Next Generation Through Fun and Interactive Activities

Animal Manure Management Updated: February 26, 2016

This webinar shares ideas and activities that have been used with youth across the country on manure, air quality, and sustainability.  This presentation was...

Managing Livestock and Poultry Mortalities

Animal Manure Management Updated: February 01, 2016

Proper management of animal carcasses on the farm/ranch has implications in nutrient management, herd and flock health, as well as farm family and public...

Agriculture Environmental Management Systems

Animal Manure Management Updated: October 23, 2015

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) are a method of improving environmental and economic performance of a firm. They are widely accepted across many...

Mortality Composting in the Semi-Arid West

Animal Manure Management Updated: November 06, 2013

Waste to Worth home | More proceedings....Proper management of animal mortalities has important implications for nutrient management, water quality, animal...

Overview: Manure Management Equipment for Small Farms

Animal Manure Management Updated: November 06, 2013

Waste to Worth home | More proceedings....Increased local or regional food marketing opportunities have allowed commercial success in livestock and poultry...

Record Keeping and Inspections for Animal Feeding Operations

Animal Manure Management Updated: August 27, 2012

Animal feeding operations are the most likely type of animal agriculture operations to be subject to rules and regulations. Most of these center around the...

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