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Using Integrated Pest Management Action Plans

A successful IPM program requires that all pest management activities are conducted according to IPM principles. A policy statement can guide you, but you...

All Bugs Good and Bad Webinars

See the schedule for upcoming webinars or watch one of our previous webinars. Brought to you by the Imported Fire Ant eXtension Community of Practice,...

All Bugs Good and Bad 2014 Webinar Series

Please join us for this webinar series for information you can use about good and bad insects.  Topics will include how you can help good insects like bee...

Ticks and Lyme Disease, Protect Yourself Texas

Pest Management In and Around Structures Updated: February 10, 2016

Blacklegged tick Ixodes scapularisThough Texas had almost 300 cases of Lyme disease reported in 2009, the number of reported cases since then has gone down...

African Swine Fever

African Swine Fever is a highly contagious disease of pigs that is clinically indistinguishable from Classical Swine Fever. Pigs most often contract the...

Best Management Practices for Brown Dog Ticks

Pest Management In and Around Structures Updated: September 23, 2015

Best Management Practices for Brown Dog Ticks is a printable PDF that answers questions from how to prevent an infestation to how  control an infestation. 

Urban IPM Webinars & Events

Pest Management In and Around Structures Updated: November 07, 2014

Learn how to keep bugs and other pests from invading your home, your school or other structure with these nifty webinar recordings. These and other webinars...

The Alarming Increase in Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases

Updated: July 26, 2014

  A voluminous 2011 Institute of Medicine report, Critical Needs and Gaps in Understanding Prevention, Amelioration, and Resolution of Lyme and Other...

Using Prescribed Fire to Control Ticks

Beef Cattle Prescribed Fire Updated: July 10, 2013

Troublesome pests such as ticks can be controlled with fire. However, for most parasites, control by fire lasts only for one growing season post-burn.Many...

How does fire impact ticks?

Prescribed Fire Updated: June 27, 2013

Ticks, chiggers, horn flies, and other external parasites can be reduced with fire. However, studies have shown parasite reductions are generally short-lived...

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