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There have always been extreme weather events, so why are scientists talking so much about extreme events now?

Climate, Forests and Woodlands Updated: September 01, 2015

Recent climate research synthesized in the 2007 and 2014 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Assessment Reports documents that there have been...

How do trees and other vegetation affect urban mesoclimates and microclimates?

Vegetation affects urban mesoclimate and microclimate by intercepting solar radiation, directing air movement, and affecting air temperature.  Microclimate,...

How Apple Fruit Size Is Determined and Affected

Apples Updated: September 02, 2013

An apple's size is determined by the cells that make up the apple. The number of cells, size of each cell, and air space between cells all can play roles in...

Under what temperatures should I conduct a prescribed burn?

Prescribed Fire Updated: June 27, 2013

From a fire containment standpoint, temperature is not as critical as compared to relative humidity and wind speed. As rule of thumb, remember that as...

Effect of Temperature on Apple Trees

Apples Updated: September 19, 2011

Tree death or decline may be caused by several factors. For new trees, roots can dry out or freeze during shipping, or after shipment or purchase, they can...

What are the different types of food thermometers and how do I know which one to use?

Food Safety Updated: August 29, 2011

There are many different types of food thermometers:Dial Oven-Safe (Bimetal) can be used in roasts, casseroles, and soups and can remain in food while it's...

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