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How can I lower my soil pH (7.5) for lawn grass?

Updated: October 17, 2011

There is no good way to lower the pH quickly. Use an acid forming fertilizer to lower pH over time. With some grasses it may not be necessary to lower a pH...

What is soil pH, and why is it important?

Updated: October 03, 2011

pH stands for "potential of Hydrogen" and is a measure of the relationship of hydrogen ions (H+) to hydroxyl ions (OH-). Soil pH is a measure of hydrogen...

What causes the white, powdery substance in my backyard soil each spring?

Updated: October 20, 2009

Raising Soil pH and Soil Acidification

Updated: August 06, 2008

Adapted from Carl J. Rosen, Peter M. Bierman, and Roger D. Eliason. Department of Soil, Water, and Climate. University of Minnesota.[1] Ground limestone is...

Why are the leaves on my blueberries turning yellow with green veins?

Updated: April 09, 2008

What products can I use to lower the soil pH around my blueberries?

Updated: April 09, 2008

Soil TextureSulfur lb/100 sq ft1Aluminum Sulfate lb/100 sq ft1Light, Sandy0.754.5Medium, Sandy Loam1.509.0Heavy, Clay Loam2.2513.5

Soils and Composting

Updated: March 26, 2008

Soils and Composting | Soil Testing | Soil Type | Soil Improvement | Composting Soils and Composting content reviewers share their expertise with...

Soils and Composting: Soil Type

Updated: March 26, 2008

Soils and Composting | Soil Testing | Soil Type | Soil Improvement | Composting Links to external web pages are followed by the source's name in...

What guidelines should I use when side-dressing my vegetables with manure?

Updated: January 07, 2008

How much manure should be added to a vegetable garden?

Updated: January 07, 2008

Nutrients in fresh animal manures (All values rounded and approximate):Average Nutrient Composition (%) Moderate Application Rate Nutrients Applied (lb per...

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