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Understanding Apple Tree Size: Dwarf, Semi-Dwarf and Standard

Apples Updated: August 17, 2013

Apple rootstocks have traditionally been divided into three groups: standard, semi-dwarf, and dwarf.A standard size tree refers to trees growing on seedling...

Apple Rootstock Testing and NC-140

Apples Updated: November 04, 2011

NC-140 is a north central regional project, funded by the USDA, that  meets the guidelines presented by the North Central Regional Association (NCRA) in...

Apple Tree Productivity

Apples Updated: September 19, 2011

In addition to training systems, soil effects, and rootstocks, productivity is one of the most important parameters when comparing apple cultivars to...

Support for Apple Trees on Dwarfing Rootstocks

Apples Updated: August 31, 2011

When propagated on dwarfing rootstocks, most apple cultivars will lean or fall over as they start to fruit. Trees on dwarfing rootstocks tend to produce...

How Apple Tree Productivity Is Measured

Apples Updated: August 31, 2011

The simplest approach to measuring productivity is to assess yield on a per-tree basis; it is straightforward and easy to understand. The problem comes when...

Apple Rootstock Influence on Precocity

Apples Updated: August 31, 2011

One of the factors to consider when choosing a rootstock is its influence on the ability to induce fruitfulness — defined by horticulturists as precocity....

Winter Hardiness of Apple Rootstocks

Apples Updated: August 31, 2011

The capacity of apple trees to survive low temperatures is influenced by the scion cultivar and the rootstock. Rootstocks vary in their low temperature...

Apple Rootstocks and Virus Status

Apples Updated: August 31, 2011

The virus status of a tree or rootstock simply refers to whether the plant material in question is free of known viruses. The original Malling rootstocks,...

Apple Yield Efficiency

Apples Updated: August 28, 2011

Pomological researchers have assessed other approaches to determining potential yield. Since planting density works together with per-tree yield to determine...

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