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How long should you keep monthly utility bills such as gas, electricity, water, etc. for your home?

Personal Finance Updated: December 08, 2013

Many people like to keep their utility expense records for a year in case there are any problems with a utility company crediting their payment and to use to...

How long should I keep the Medicare Summary Notices and Supplemental Insurance Summary of Benefits documents I receive in the mail?

Personal Finance Updated: December 08, 2013

There is no hard and fast rule for saving medical payment records. Certainly, they need to be kept while the medical services that are summarized on the...

How do I go about replacing an adoption decree? I just turned 18 and need to apply for citizenship, and apparently my adoption decree is missing.

Personal Finance Updated: August 15, 2012

The lesson titled "Legally Secure Your Financial Future" has a section on replacing important papers. The entire lesson is found at...

Creating a Portable File of Important Documents

Life’s emergency situations require advance preparation and planning. The first step is organizing your financial information. Do you have an appropriate...

Household Filing System

Personal Finance Updated: January 31, 2008

To develop a household filing system, you may wish to use the following suggested list of headings and subheadings. Bills Financial Accounts Investments and...

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