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What can I do to prepare my trees for hurricane season?

Trees for Energy Conservation Updated: April 27, 2016

Trees can be damaged or even lost during a hurricane. The strong winds and heavy rains of a hurricane can cause problems for trees, especially those with...

Urban Forests: Understanding Associated Costs

A community receives many benefits from the urban forest; however, there are also costs associated with having a healthy urban forest. Estimates for tree...

Pruning to Maintain Plant Health

Water Conservation for Lawn and Landscape Updated: October 22, 2015

Incorrectly pruned evergreen shrub. Photo credit: Larry SagersStubs on this 'topped' oak tree forms spindly suckers. These trees are now weak, stressed,...

Pruning Sub-Shrubs in the Water-Wise Landscape

Water Conservation for Lawn and Landscape Updated: January 23, 2015

Popular water-wise sub-shrubs include Russian sage, Blue mist spirea, and English lavender. These plants belong to a class of shrubs called...

When is the right time to prune grape vines? What is the best pruning technique?

Grapes Updated: August 06, 2013

Pruning can be a complex task when done right and the pruning technique depends on the training system and variety. Following are the basics. The best time...

Is irrigating the landscape always a good idea for defensible space?

It depends on the types of plants. Generally, irrigating helps plants stay green and moist and less likely to burn. In arid environments, irrigation is...

I missed pruning a few dead branches in an apple tree. Can I remove them in the summer?

Gardens & Landscapes Apples Updated: November 28, 2011

The best time to prune is early in the Spring before bud break. Dead or broken branches can be removed anytime, but keep other pruning to a minimum.

When can I trim back my loquat tree? It is tall, bushy, and blocks the sidewalk plus is completely covered in fruit. Will trimming affect fruit production next season?

Gardens & Landscapes Updated: November 09, 2011

You can judiciously prune your loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) any time after harvest. The more you prune the tree, the more you are going to reduce next year's...

When and how I should cut back my pampas grass.

Gardens & Landscapes Updated: October 10, 2011

There are several grasses that go by the common name Pampas Grass.  The following remarks refer specially to Cortaderia selloana, a non-native, invasive...

Besides the use of rootstocks what horticultural methods can I use to control apple tree size?

Apples Updated: September 03, 2011

The primary method of controlling apple tree size is by using dwarfing rootstocks. While dwarfing rootstocks are the most common practice for controlling...

I want to espalier an apple tree along a garage wall. What rootstock should I use?

Apples Updated: August 28, 2011

Espalier is a technique of pruning and training apples in two dimensions, usually against a flat surface such as a wall or fence. The rootstock that you...

I have a rue herb bush (Ruta graveolens) that's a little overgrown but is flowering so beautifully. Would trimming it late in the bloom season hurt it, and will it grow back?

Gardens & Landscapes Updated: April 21, 2011

I want to prune my aspens. When is the best time of year and is there a certain way?

Gardens & Landscapes Updated: December 10, 2010

Should tree branches be pruned if they did not leaf out because of a late spring frost?

Gardens & Landscapes Updated: December 02, 2009

When is the proper time to cut back vining clematis?

Gardens & Landscapes Updated: September 14, 2008

When is the best time to trim evergreen trees?

Gardens & Landscapes Updated: May 15, 2008

I have a dwarf variegated willow tree and need to trim it. When is the best time to prune without damaging the tree?

Gardens & Landscapes Updated: January 08, 2008

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