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Fires in the Home: Prevention and Preparedness

Ag Safety and Health Updated: April 13, 2018

Fires in the home: Prevention and preparedness. (2012). Farm and Ranch eXtension in Safety and Health (FReSH) Community of Practice. Retrieved from...

Fire Prevention and Wildfire Safety: Southeastern U.S.

The southeastern United States consistently experiences more wildfires per year than any other region. More than 100 million acres of land have a moderate to...

Gender and Vulnerability in Emergency Contexts

"There are steps we can take to reduce risk in vulnerable populations in emergency situations and disasters." says Andrea Burniske. Listen and watch the ...

Flooding: The Big Picture

Experiencing a flooding event is always difficult but having a broader understanding of what is happening around you can help you through the process....

7 Ways to Reduce Vulnerability and Prepare for Disaster

We are all subjected to various hazards (flooding, wildfires, tornadoes, etc.). Many people want to prepare in advance but are unsure of where to start,...

I am a caregiver. How can I prepare to shelter in place?

There are a number of important things you should do to prepare to shelter in place. One of the most important is to prepare a disaster kit. This kit should...

Include a winter emergency kit when packing for winter travels

If stuck in your car during a winter storm, a disaster supplies kit might save your life.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends items...

I care for someone who is bedridden. Whom should I call for help with evacuation during a disaster.

It is a good idea to plan ahead for resources and services you and your loved one might need. Contact your city or county government's emergency preparedness...

How can I organize my personal and financial papers in case of an emergency?

Organizing your personal and financial documents in case of emergency is a smart thing to do. Having these documents organized and available will help get...

Steps to Reduce Flood and Water Damage

Many things can be done before an impending flood to reduce damage to home and property. This checklist can help you prepare to reduce the impact of water or...

What information should I have in my household inventory?

A complete household inventory consists of:• a description of each item owned (include model and serial numbers)• the date you acquired it and how much you...

We may have to evacuate and be out of our home for several weeks. What do we do if my husband's prescription medications or over-the-counter medications run out before we are able to return home?

If you take medicine or use a medical treatment on a daily basis, be sure you have what you need to make it on your own for at least a week, maybe longer....

The person for whom I care takes medication that needs to be refrigerated. How long will this medicine keep without cold storage?

My wife has a trained dog (service animal) who is always on hand to help her. If we have to evacuate, can we take the dog with us?

When told to evacuate in the event of a disaster, it will be important to take your wife's service animal with you. However, it will also be important to...

My dad has diabetes, which is very difficult to control under normal circumstances. If we must evacuate during a disaster, how can we control his diet and insulin?


My husband has Alzheimer’s disease. If we are separated during an evacuation, I’m worried that something will happen to me and he won’t be able to tell people who he is or what he needs. What can I do?

In a disaster, you may become separated from the person for whom you provide care. In case this happens, provide a written, detailed description of what the...

What can the American Red Cross do to help me during a disaster?

My husband is in a nursing home, and I still live in our home. I’m worried about what might happen to him if there is a disaster. What can I do to prepare?

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