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Emergency Response to Natural Disasters for Livestock Facilities

This webinar discussed the various natural disasters that occurred throughout 2017 and the ways that livestock farmers and Extension professionals...

Emergency Management: Preparing Your Natural Disaster Response

Animal Manure Management Updated: May 30, 2017

This presentation demonstrates how Texas AgriLife Extension Service integrated into the State Emergency Management Plan to prepare and address future...

Program Evaluation Planning

Program Evaluation Updated: September 21, 2015

Planning is an important part of program evaluation. Proper planning efforts include outlining the purpose of the evaluation and specifying end-users of the...

Gender and Vulnerability in Emergency Contexts

"There are steps we can take to reduce risk in vulnerable populations in emergency situations and disasters." says Andrea Burniske. Listen and watch the ...

Northwest Winter Feeding Assessment Tool

Animal Manure Management Updated: March 18, 2015

Assessment of and protection for water quality resource concerns impacted by livestock winter feeding practicesGrazing lands management assistance with NRCS...

Tools of Community Development

Enhancing Rural Community Capacity Updated: April 17, 2014

Following are tools commonly used in the field of Community Development. Selecting the right tool for the job is important.

SWOT Analysis: A Tool for Group Planning

Enhancing Rural Community Capacity Updated: April 17, 2014

 At times in the course of a project or an organization's history, it is helpful to engage in strategic long range planning. Doing so can allow an...

Logic Models: A Tool for Program Planning and Assessment

Enhancing Rural Community Capacity Updated: April 17, 2014

A logic model is a graphic representation to describe a program that shows the linkages between what the program does (the input and outputs) and the...

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