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Establishing an Apple Orchard

Apples Updated: October 02, 2012

U.S. Fruit Tree Nurseries

Apples Updated: August 29, 2011

Adams County Nursery Inc., 26 Nursery Rd., P.O. Box 108, Aspers, PA 17304 Nursery, 15935 S. Temperance Ave., Selma, CA...

What is Nectria canker, and how do I identify and manage the disease on apple trees?

Apples Updated: August 22, 2011

Nectria canker is a fungus disease caused by Nectria galligena. It is occasionally found on apple nursery stock shipped into the eastern United States. The...

International Fruit Tree Nurseries

Apples Updated: August 22, 2011

D&L Nursery, 75 Avenue Joxe, 49100 Angers, FranceJanssen Brothers Nurseries Limited, PO Box 2711 6030 aa Nederweert, HollandJos Morren Nurseries, Bosstraat...

U.S. Fruit Tree Rootstock Nurseries

Apples Updated: August 22, 2011

Brandt’s Fruit Trees, Inc., PO Box B, Parker, WA 98951 http://www.brandtsfruittrees.comBurchell Nursery, Inc., 4201 McHenry Ave., Modesto, CA 95356...

How do nurseries grow rootstocks?

Apples Updated: August 21, 2011

Rootstocks are commonly propagated by layering to form large stool beds. The "mother plant" is set out in the field. The plant may either be mounded, or it...

What is the best dwarfing apple rootstock for my area?

Apples Updated: August 20, 2011

The best dwarfing rootstock for your area depends on your location, soil type, and what apple production system you wish to utilize. Your location determines...

What apple rootstocks are commercially available?

Apples Updated: May 23, 2011

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