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Research Summary: Safety and Health Risks of Producing Biomass on the Farm

Farm Energy Ag Safety and Health Updated: July 02, 2018

It is time to develop ways to minimize safety and health hazards in biomass production on the farm, an area in which there has been little research With...

NEWBio Team Defines Human Systems Driving the Bioeconomy Transition

Farm Energy Updated: February 26, 2018

NEWBio research discovers social, cultural, and economic motives behind local bioenergy decisions.Led by Weston Eaton and Michael Jacobson of Penn State, the...

Resources from NEWBio: The Northeast Woody/Warm-season Biomass Consortium

Farm Energy Wood Energy Updated: February 08, 2018

Funded by AFRI. Learn More.The Northeast Woody/Warm-season Biomass Consortium (NEWBio) is a regional network of universities, businesses, and governmental...

NEWBio Harvest, Preprocessing, and Logistics Team Optimizes Biomass Supply Chain Processes

Farm Energy Updated: January 24, 2018

NEWBio shows producers new methods that can save them sizable costs in their biomass operations, including a 20% reduction in harvesting.The NEWBio Project's...

NEWBio Feedstock Improvement Team Breeds Better Switchgrass and Willow for the Bioeconomy

Farm Energy Updated: January 24, 2018

Breeding new perennial grass varieties of willow and switchgrass with useful bioenergy traits for the Northeast drives NEWBio team.  Perennial crops...

Research Summary: How Bioenergy Experts Can Improve Public Engagement

Farm Energy Updated: June 16, 2017

By including landowners in conversations about bioenergy crops such as switchgrass, willow and Miscanthus, experts are more likely to promote adoption than...

FAQs about Perennial Grass (Switchgrass) Production for Biofuels

Farm Energy Updated: April 18, 2017

Funded by AFRI. Learn More. It’s important to buyers, who rely on predictable quality and quantity of feedstocks. Because feedstocks are hard to...

NEWBio Commercial Collaborators: Building a Sustainable Energy Future in the Northeast United States

Farm Energy Updated: April 11, 2017

Funded by AFRI. Learn More. The Northeast region of the United States (from the Ohio River to the New England coast) has the natural, social, and...

Bioenergy Crops Provide Valuable Ecosystem Services

Farm Energy Updated: March 14, 2017

Biofuel perennial grass and woody crops provide significant benefits for humankind.A functioning ecosystem is the intricate environmental relationship of...

Research Summary: Biomass Crop Production Benefits from a Wide Spectrum of Marketing Opportunities

Farm Energy Updated: February 14, 2017

 Biomass crops such as switchgrass, miscanthus, and shrub willow are not only intended for bioenergy production but for other non-energy market...

Introduction to Processing Feedstocks into Biofuels

Farm Energy Updated: December 15, 2016

One of the main barriers to a successful biomass energy industry is the simple fact that most raw biomass is not immediately useful as an energy source. For...

EcoWillow 2.0: An Updated Tool for Financial Analysis of Willow Biomass

Farm Energy Updated: September 13, 2016

  EcoWillow is a financial analysis tool developed by SUNY-ESF that allows users to model the costs and revenues of willow biomass production through every...

Larry Smart, Cornell University

Farm Energy Updated: August 16, 2016

Larry Smart, a professor in Cornell University’s Department of Horticulture since July 2009, is a plant geneticist and physiologist who has been a leader of...

ReEnergy Holdings: Offering Markets for Biomass in the Northeast

Farm Energy Updated: July 08, 2016

ReEnergy Holdings LLC works with willow growers and uses waste and shrub willow wood to generate electricity.As a vertically integrated renewable energy...

Evaluation of Anthracnose Severity on Switchgrass Cultivars and Accessions

Farm Energy Updated: July 01, 2016

Anthracnose may significantly decrease biomass yield of switchgrass. Research explores tolerance of cultivars to Colletotrichum navitas.  Anthracnose...

Renmatix Turns Biomass into Sugars for Industrial Use

Farm Energy Updated: April 20, 2016

Technology patented by Renmatix enables the manufacture of industrial sugars from biomass on a scale that is commercially cost-effective. Renmatix, the...

BCAP Helps Commercialize Shrub Willow for Bioenergy in Northern New York

Farm Energy Wood Energy Updated: April 20, 2016

   The USDA Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP) was designed to expand bioenergy feedstocks beyond existing cash crops by encouraging both the...

U.S. Billion-Ton Update Shows Farms and Forests Have Huge Potential for U.S. Bioenergy Future

Farm Energy Updated: April 20, 2016

U.S. farms and forests have the potential to supply enough biomass to meet the Renewable Fuels Standard and replace more than a third of petroleum use with...

Research Summary: Exploring On-Farm Pyrolysis Processing of Biofuels

Farm Energy Updated: April 20, 2016

The USDA-ARS FarmBio3 project explores whether on-farm fast-pyrolysis processing units could be a component of an efficient and cost-effective decentralized...

Terra Green Energy: Pioneers in Torrefaction for Commercial Co-Combustion

Farm Energy Updated: April 20, 2016

A torrefaction demonstration facility employs a patented process to convert biomass into a renewable, energy-dense carbon carrier that functions much like...

New Holland Agriculture Expands Offerings for Biomass Harvest and Handling

Farm Energy Updated: April 20, 2016

Renewable energy production options are growing thanks to expanded farm equipment capabilities for harvesting biofuel feedstocks like shrub...

Ernst Conservation Seeds Transforms Leftover Biomass into Energy Product

Farm Energy Updated: April 20, 2016

Switchgrass biomass left over after seed harvest had little value for Ernst Conservation Seeds until the company began using it to manufacture pellets.Ernst...

Double A Willow Strengthens Biomass Supply Chain by Providing Willow Plantings to Biofuels Industry

Farm Energy Updated: April 20, 2016

As the largest supplier of shrub willow planting stock in the United States, Double A Willow is a critical link between research and the commercial...

Research Summary: Characteristics of Willow Biomass Chips Produced Using a Single-Pass Cut-and-Chip Harvester

Farm Energy Updated: April 20, 2016

Harvest method impacts wood chip quality--use a single-pass cut-and-chip method and willow makes the grade. Biomass for bioenergy and/or bioproducts can be...

Research Summary: Triploid Hybrids of Shrub Willow Yield More Biomass Than Diploids and Tetraploids

Farm Energy Updated: April 20, 2016

Research finds triploid hybrids of shrub willow yield the highest biomass, leading to improved cultivars for renewable energy. Research into the genetics and...

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