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Ensuring that Children’s War Play Is Healthy, Safe, and Positive

Child Care Updated: September 24, 2015

Three-year-old Derrick thinks about his daddy a lot. Maggie, his teacher, can tell because nearly every day she sees him pretending to be a soldier. When his...

Children's Books for Young Children in Military Families

Child Care Updated: September 16, 2015

Children's books are such a great way to help children deal with change - and military life certainly has plenty of that!  Here are some books that can help...

Tabitha McCoy, MS, MFLN Family Development

Updated: August 21, 2015

Tabitha McCoy, MS earned her Master of Science degree in Marriage & Family Therapy at Valdosta State University and is currently the Social Media and Webinar...

Christina Rackley Herron, MS, MFLN Family Development

Updated: August 21, 2015

Christina Rackley Herron, MS, was hired by the Military Families Learning Network Family Development concentration area as a web design & blog specialist....

How to Obtain Continuing Education Units for Military Families Personal Finance Webinars

Personal Finance Updated: August 04, 2015

The Military Families Learning Network Personal Finance team offers 1.5 continuing education units to AFC-credentialed participants for live and recorded...

Anne Mims Adrian, Auburn University

Network Literacy Updated: May 18, 2015

Anne is an eXtension Associate Director and the New Programs Leader for with the Military Families Learning Network. She is housed at Auburn University and...

Kyle L. Kostelecky

Updated: May 18, 2015

Kyle is the Project Director for the Military Families Learning Network and Director of the Chez Family Foundation Center for Wounded Veterans in Higher...

Kacy Mixon-MFLN Family Development

Updated: May 16, 2015

Kacy Mixon, PhD, LMFT is an Assistant Professor in the Marriage and Family Therapy Dept. at Valdosta State University where she teaches and provides clinical...

Kimberly Hile, MFLN Early Intervention

Updated: May 07, 2015

Kimberly, Ed.M., has worked in the field of early intervention for 11 years as both a service coordinator and developmental therapist. She gained a greater...

Robyn DiPietro-Wells, MFLN Family Development Early Intervention

Network Literacy Updated: April 22, 2015

I have worked with children as long as I can remember both formally and informally.  I received my bachelor’s degree in elementary education (1999) from the...

Molly Herndon

Personal Finance Updated: April 16, 2015

Molly earned a B.S. in Journalism from Appalachian State University and a M.S. in Human Development and Family Studies from North Carolina State...

Mary Jo Katras, University of Minnesota Extension

Updated: March 23, 2015

Mary Jo Katras is currently an associate professor and Extension educator with the Center for Family Development at the University of Minnesota Extension. ...

Michaelene Ostrosky, MFLN Early Intervention

Updated: March 09, 2015

I am the Head of the Department of Special Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a professor with research interests in the areas...

Amy Santos, MFLN Early Intervention

Updated: February 18, 2015

I am a professor in the Department of Special Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  As a faculty member, I am actively engaged in...

Jenna Weglarz-Ward, MFLN Early Intervention

Updated: February 18, 2015

Jenna Weglarz-Ward has worked in the field of special education and early childhood for the past 18 years in a variety of roles including preschool teacher,...

Military Caregiving Continuing Education Instructions

Family Caregiving Updated: February 06, 2015

The Military Families Learning Network – Military Caregiving concentration area offers National Association of Social Workers (NASW) continuing education...

Erica Arambulo, MFLN Family Development

Updated: February 05, 2015

Erica Arambulo has recently been hired by the Military Families Learning Network Family Development concentration area. She was hired as support staff member...

Caregiver Learning Lessons

Family Caregiving Updated: October 27, 2014

Traumatic Brain Injury–Resources for Patients and Families

Family Caregiving Updated: July 07, 2014

The following information is a list of online resources for traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients and their family caregivers. The online resources are...

Military Family Caregiving Video Series

Family Caregiving Updated: June 25, 2014

The Texas AgriLife Extension Service Military Program has developed a series of Military Family Caregiving videos for those caring for wounded or ill service...

Rachel Brauner

Family Caregiving Updated: June 14, 2014

Rachel Brauner is the Program Coordinator for the Wounded Warrior Program – a military project within Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. Rachel is...

Rachel Dorman

Updated: June 13, 2014

Rachel Dorman is a Research Assistant for the Family Development concentration of the Military Family Learning Network. She is also working as a Grant...

Caregiving 101

Family Caregiving Updated: February 14, 2014

Are you new to military caregiving? Many military families are caring for wounded service members who have experienced significant changes resulting from...

Helping Military Family Caregivers, Part II: Recognizing Their Challenges

Family Caregiving Updated: January 31, 2014

All military family caregivers struggle to relate to their new identities as caregivers. For some, the term caregiver might conjure the picture of a...

Helping Military Family Caregivers, Part I: Recognizing Their Similarities and Differences

Family Caregiving Updated: January 31, 2014

Military family caregivers are a special group. They’re coping with issues such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), amputations, and other conditions...

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