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Sharing Content in ArcGIS Online: Public and Organization Accounts

Geospatial Technology Updated: June 01, 2016

ESRI has made two important changes to the ArcGIS Online platform: an account name change and a new account option.Both platforms allow users to author web...

How are GPS satellites powered?

Geospatial Technology Science for Youth Updated: October 14, 2015

The GPS satellites are mainly powered by solar energy, or energy from the sun. They do have backup batteries in case of a solar eclipse, and they each have...

What is a topographic map?

Geospatial Technology Science for Youth Updated: June 03, 2015

A topographic map shows the physical features of Earth. These features can be mountains, rivers, lakes, valleys, craters, and more. Man-made features such as...

How are maps used with GPS and GIS?

Geospatial Technology Science for Youth Updated: June 03, 2015

A Geographic Information System (GIS) takes the information gathered from Global Positioning System (GPS) units and organizes the information into maps. GIS...

What is a map?

Geospatial Technology Science for Youth Updated: June 02, 2015

A map is designed to represent a variety of information. Some maps show where roads are located. Others show the location of tourist attractions or local...

Calculating Your Map Accuracy Using US National Map Accuracy Standards

Geospatial Technology Updated: September 27, 2011

Many people would like to assess the accuracy standards for mapping products. In the United States, standards for accuracy assessment have been developed.The...

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