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Does an effective fire-defensible space require a lot of bare ground around my house?

No. While bare ground would certainly provide an effective fire-defensible space, it is not necessary and looks bad. Bare ground may also cause soil to...

Designing Shrub Bed Areas With Water Conservation in Mind

General information on using shrubs in the landscape. Source: Nebraska ExtensionShrubs are very versatile and provide functional and visual benefits in...

Landscape Renovation: Piece by Piece

Water Conservation for Lawn and Landscape Updated: January 05, 2015

Landscape renovation piece by piece spreads the cost of installation over time.Consider a plan for the entire property before deciding how and where to...

What is a windbreak, and how can it help reduce my home energy bills?

Trees for Energy Conservation Updated: April 10, 2014

A windbreak is considered any plant or physical barrier that can slow down or divert the wind. If properly located, trees, fencing, and buildings can all...

Landscape Design: Creating Unity (experienced gardeners)

Water Conservation for Lawn and Landscape Updated: October 29, 2013

Repetition of color, plant material, and shape, are used to create unity in this more formal symmetrical design. Photo credit: Landscape Design Advisor...

Is there a ground cover that will grow in a shaded, damp area? All we have now is moss.

Gardens & Landscapes Updated: January 24, 2012

As you have discovered, it is very difficult to have a healthy lawn in a shady, poorly drained area, and a suitable ground cover is a good idea. The presence...

What ground covers grow at high altitude? I live in Colorado.

Gardens & Landscapes Updated: January 05, 2012

The ideal ground cover plant forms a sufficiently dense mat of roots and foliage to reduce soil erosion, exclude weeds and provide an attractive, year-round...

My Minnesota garden has sandy soil and gets full sun all day. What mid- to late season flowers and blooming shrubs would do well here?

Gardens & Landscapes Updated: November 07, 2011

Many of these perennial plants will do well in the site you describe: Rudbeckia, Yucca, purple coneflower, Coreposis, yarrow, bee balm, Aster, butterfly...

Will placing a backyard birdbath in the shade versus in the sun make a difference in how quickly bacteria grow?

Only a controlled lab study could establish the types of bacteria growing in a birdbath and the rate with which they increase/decrease depending on the...

What sun requirements does Loropetalum require? I want to plant a Loropetalum chinensis 'Plum' near the northwest corner of my house in central Florida.

Gardens & Landscapes Updated: October 09, 2011

Cultural requirement references for Loropetalum chinensis say it is adapted to shade to part sun conditions. You can frequently see plantings of this plant...

Are there any problems with using cedar chips as a mulch in the landscape?

Gardens & Landscapes Updated: July 06, 2010

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