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IPM Action Plan for Bed Bugs

Pest Management In and Around Structures Updated: October 19, 2015

In general, school and institutional child care center environments are not conducive to bed bug infestations. Bed bugs prefer an environment where they can...

6 Reasons Why Wasp Spray is Not a Substitute for Pepper Spray

Pest Management In and Around Structures Updated: September 28, 2015

Gun violence this fall at schools and colleges across the nation helps keep a contemporary legend alive. One version of the legend tells of a church...

IPM Action Plan for Paper Wasps

Pest Management In and Around Structures Updated: September 11, 2015

Northern paper wasp, Polistes fuscatus European paper wasp, Polistes dominulaPaper wasp nests consist of a single layer of cells not enclosed within a paper...

How to Bug Proof Your Home

More than 95 percent of insects that have been identified are either harmless or beneficial to humans. They live in an environment that is delicately...

Urban IPM Webinars & Events

Pest Management In and Around Structures Updated: November 07, 2014

Learn how to keep bugs and other pests from invading your home, your school or other structure with these nifty webinar recordings. These and other webinars...

Bed Bug Information for Homeowners and Tenants

The way our homes are configured, owned, and organized varies across cultures and social groups but we all have in common the fact that we live in a home and...

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