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What is a windbreak?

Home Energy Trees for Energy Conservation Updated: April 27, 2016

A windbreak is a row or group of trees, shrubs, or structural elements (e.g. fences) that are used to block and direct the wind. Vegetative windbreaks are...

What is a perm rating?

Home Energy Updated: May 21, 2014

It is a standard measure of the water vapor permeability of a material. The higher the number, the more readily water vapor (in the gaseous state) can...

Is old insulation in heating and cooling ductwork hazardous to my respiratory health?

Home Energy Updated: December 01, 2011

Depending on what the insulation type is and it's age, this flexible ductwork could create health problems. The ductwork insulation material may be glass...

What does the acronym SIR mean?

Home Energy Updated: December 01, 2011

SIR refers to "Savings to Investment Ratio." It is basically a calculation of whether a modification to a home will pay for itself in energy savings.  SIR is...

My attic is inaccessible. How do I check for insulation?

Home Energy Updated: December 01, 2011

If an attic is not accessible, you should consider using an experienced energy auditor, or insulation contractor to assess your attic insulation level(s). An...

Do I need to insulate and weatherstrip the attic access door?

Home Energy Updated: December 01, 2011

Yes, if the attic access door is within the living space and can open directly into the attic. Whether in a hot or cold climate, the access door should be...

Which home appliances give off the most energy by way of waste heat, and how much do they contribute to my house being so hot in summer? What can I do about it? How do I know which appliances are more efficient and give off less heat?

Home Energy Updated: January 09, 2011

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