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Chip Budding

Grapes Updated: April 30, 2014

Scion Wood Preparation     Chip Budding Prep       Chip Budding Process       Care for Grafted Vines       Advantages & Disadvantages       For more...

Ordering Grapevine Cuttings and Plants from Nurseries

Grapes Updated: April 30, 2014

Types of Planting Materials       Lead Times when Ordering       More InfoJim Wolpert and Andy Walker, University of California, DavisAdapted from a...

Viinapuude istutamise (istutamine viinamarjapõõsad) (Planting Grape Vines)

Grapes Updated: February 21, 2014

Eric Stafne, Mississippi State UniversityTõlkinud Anna GalovichSee artikkel vastused järgmistele küsimustele:Viinamarja taimi paljundatakse ja kasvatatakse...

Planting Grapevines

Grapes Updated: February 21, 2014

Bare-Root Vines       Timing       Nursery Stock & Standards       More Info       Eric Stafne, Mississippi State UniversityThis article will answer the...

Parts of the Grape Vine: Roots

Grapes Updated: February 08, 2014

Why use rootstocks?       What roots do       For more informationEd Hellman, Texas AgriLife Extension Grapevines can be grown on their own root systems...

Grafting Grape Vines

Grapes Updated: April 14, 2013

Cleft grafts       Bark grafts       Whip grafts       Budding       More infoEric Stafne, Mississippi State UniversityGrafting or budding is an asexual...

Factors to Consider when Selecting Grapevine Rootstocks

Grapes Updated: February 22, 2013

Why use rootstocks?       Pest resistance       Abiotic factors       Propagation       Scion growth control       More info  Jim Wolpert, University of...

Common Miscommunication Problems between Grape Growers and Nursery Plant Suppliers

Grapes Updated: April 17, 2012

Short or no delivery       Obtaining accurate source records       Poorly graded material       Off-type plants in order       Cancellations & changes      ...

Quality Guidelines for Grapevine Nursery Stock

Grapes Updated: April 16, 2012

#1 Grapevines       Dormant Rootings       Dormant Benchgrafts       Green Growing Benchgrafts       #2 Grapevines,  Jumbos, & Substandards       For More...

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