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Frost Injury, Frost Avoidance, and Frost Protection in the Vineyard

Grapes Updated: September 06, 2015

 Effects of Frost       Reducing the Risk       Pruning Effects       Modifying Temperatures       More InfoEd Hellman, Texas AgriLife ExtensionThis article...

Hail Damage on Grapes

Grapes Updated: May 04, 2015

Hail Formation       Effects of Damage       Management       More InfoEric Stafne, Mississippi State UniversityHail is generally associated with spring...

Grapevine Problems: Leaf Spots Not Caused by Insects or Disease

Grapes Updated: July 21, 2014

Diagnosis       Chemical Disorders      Environmental Disorders      Nutritional Disorders       Discovering Patterns       More InfoFritz Westover, Texas...

Cold Injury in Grapevines

Grapes Updated: April 30, 2014

Assessing Injury       Management       Cold Hardiness Monitoring Programs       More InfoMark Chien, Penn State University and Michelle Moyer, Washington...

Causes of Poor Fruit Set in Grapes

Grapes Updated: October 11, 2013

What is poor fruit set?       Causes       Documenting poor fruit set       More InfoPatty Skinkis, Oregon State UniversityAn individual grape inflorescence...


Grapes Updated: September 20, 2013

Dagger Nematodes       Root Knot Nematodes       Citrus Nematodes       Lesion Nematodes       Ring Nematodes       Stubby Root Nematodes       Management  ...

Bunch Stem Necrosis

Grapes Updated: January 22, 2013

Symptoms       Causes       More informationStephen Jordan, University of Wisconsin-MadisonBunch stem necrosis (BSN), also known as “waterberry,” can occur...

Young Grapevine Decline

Grapes Updated: January 22, 2013

Symptoms       Cause       Management       More InfoJay W. Pscheidt, Oregon State UniversityYoung vine decline develops slowly in the first few seasons of...

Grapevine Bleeding

Grapes Updated: August 17, 2012

Overview       Science of Bleeding       Management       More InformationEric Stafne, Mississippi State UniversityRemoval of water from the soil by...

Wind Damage to Grapevines

Grapes Updated: May 18, 2012

More informationEric Stafne, Mississippi State University Wind damage is commonly seen in regions with strong prevailing winds or spring and summer...

Sunscald Damage to Grapes

Grapes Updated: May 18, 2012

More informationEric Stafne, Mississippi State UniversitySunscald manifests as a discoloration on grape clusters, which may appear as browning, cracking, or...

Ozone Damage of Grapevines

Grapes Updated: May 18, 2012

Symptoms       Causes       More informationFritz Westover, Texas AgriLife ExtensionInterveinal stipple on upper leaf side of a mature Lomanto grape leaf....

Estimating Grapevine Potential Productivity after Spring Frost or Winter Bud Damage

Grapes Updated: May 18, 2012

Estimating Potential Crop Load       2012 Update       More informationG. Stanley Howell, VESTA Viticulture Coordinator, Professor and Viticulturist...

Blackleaf in Grapes

Grapes Updated: May 18, 2012

Symptoms       Causes       Effects       Prevention       More informationMercy Olmstead, University of Florida and Joan Davenport, Washington State...

Aerial Root Formation in Grapevines

Grapes Updated: October 06, 2011

Eric Stafne, Mississippi State UniversityAerial roots on grapevines. Aerial root formation in Vitis has been documented on different grape species; however,...

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