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Goat Breeds Nigerian Dwarf

Goats Updated: February 15, 2017

  The Nigerian Dwarf is a miniature goat of West African origin. Its conformation is similar to that of the larger dairy goat breeds. The parts of the body...

Goat Breeds LaMancha

Goats Updated: December 10, 2015

  This breed is thought to have descended from Spanish goats brought by early settlers to California.The LaMancha dairy goat is born with its unique small...

Goat Breeds Kiko

Goats Updated: December 02, 2015

   The word "kiko" had traditionally been used by New Zealand's native people, the Maori, to describe substantial meat producing animals. In Maori, the...

Goat Breeds Nubian

Goats Updated: November 16, 2015

  The Anglo-Nubian breed originated in England as a cross between the Old English Milch Goat and the Zariby and Nubian bucks imported from India, Russia, and...

Goat Breeds Pygmy

Goats Updated: November 16, 2015

  Pygmy goats are small goats of African origin. They were originally called the Cameroon Dwarf goat. The goat is mostly restricted to the West African...

Goat Breeds Saanen

Goats Updated: November 16, 2015

  The Saanen goat originated in the Saanen valley in the south of Canton Berne, Switzerland. In 1893, several thousand head were taken out of the valley and...

Goat Breeds Toggenburg

Goats Updated: November 13, 2015

  The Toggenburg is a breed of goat named after the region in Switzerland where the breed originated, the Toggenburg Valley. Toggenburgs are medium in size,...

Goat Breeds Oberhasli

Goats Updated: November 11, 2015

  The Oberhasli is a breed of dairy goat from the district of the Canton of Berne in Switzerland. The name loosely translates as "highlander." This breed is...

Goat Breeds Boer

Goats Updated: October 07, 2014

   The Boer breed is characterized by a red head and red on at least a portion of the neck, with a white body. They have large pendulous ears. Some breeders...

Goat Breeds

Goats Updated: June 09, 2014

One of the first decisions about raising goats is which breed or breeds to raise. As a beginning goat producer, you need to identify specific breeds by name,...

Goat Breeds Angora

Goats Updated: January 15, 2014

  Angora goats originated in Turkey and are raised primarily for their luxurious mohair fiber.The Angora dates back prior to early biblical history.Mohair...

Goat Breeds Alpine

Goats Updated: July 31, 2013

  The French-Alpine goat originated in the Alps. They were brought to the United States from France and were selected for much greater uniformity, size, and...

Goat Breeds Savanna

Goats Updated: July 17, 2013

   Visitors may find name of this breed spelled two ways, Savanna and Savannah.The white Savanna goat breed was developed from indigenous goats of South...

Goat Breeds TexMaster

Goats Updated: May 23, 2013

  This breed was developed by Onion Creek Ranch through several generations of crossing Tennessee Meat Goats™ with Boer goats. The purpose of the breed was...

Goat Breeds Tennessee Meat Goat

Goats Updated: May 23, 2013

  Tennessee Meat Goats™ were developed by Suzanne Gasparotto at Onion Creek Ranch in Buda, Texas. She selected Myotonic goats with the largest frames and...

Goat Breeds Genemaster

Goats Updated: May 23, 2013

  The Genemaster was developed as a composite breed. It is based on a foundation of three-eighths Kiko and five-eighths Boer. The breed will retain a portion...

Goat Breeds Sable

Goats Updated: May 23, 2013

  Sable goats are derived from the Saanen breed which originated in Switzerland. They may be any color or combination of colors except white or light...

Goat Breeds Cashmere

Goats Updated: November 06, 2012

   Cashmere is such a luxurious fiber that the Arc of the Covenant of the Old Testament was lined and curtained with it. China produces sixty percent of the...

Goat Breeds Pygora

Goats Updated: November 11, 2011

  The Pygora goat is a breed developed and registered in Oregon by Katherine Jorgensen. She wanted an animal that would produce fine fiber for hand spinning....

Goat Breeds Myotonic

Goats Updated: November 09, 2011

  Myotonic goats, which have roots in Tennessee, are often referred to as wooden leg, stiff leg or Tennessee fainting goats. These goats have a recessive...

Goat Breeds Kinder

Goats Updated: November 09, 2011

   Kinder goats were developed in 1987 by the Showalter family who crossed a Nubian doe with a Pygmy buck. The breed was developed as a dual-purpose breed...

Goat Breeds Spanish

Goats Updated: August 02, 2010

This breed is actually a type of goat that, on the whole, has been subject to some selection pressure for various production traits such as prolificacy and...

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