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Beef Cattle Updated: November 15, 2016

Vasectomy- The removal of a portion of the vas deferens. As a result, sperm are prevented from traveling from the testicles to become part of the semen. If...

Vas Deferens

Beef Cattle Updated: November 14, 2016

Vas Deferens- (ductus deferens), the duct derived from the mesonephric duct that connects the tail of the epididymis to the ampulla and transports sperm into...


 Shigella are Gram-negative, non-motile, non-sporeforming, rod-shaped bacteria capable of causing disease in humans. Disease occurs when virulent Shigella...


Brucellosis (contagious abortion) is an infectious disease of domestic livestock caused by the Brucella species of bacteria (B. abortus, B. melitensis, B....

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

The United States Department of Agriculture was founded by Abraham Lincoln in 1862. The USDA began as a way to bring information to the nation's farming...


the climate that lies just beyond the local modifying irregularities of landform and vegetation.

Double Muscling

Beef Cattle Updated: December 16, 2015

Double muscling- A genetic trait in cattle where muscles are greatly enlarged rather than duplicate muscles. Double-muscled cattle usually grow slowly, and...

E. coli O157:H7

E. coli is one of the most common causes of foodborne illness. E. coli, short for Escherichia coli, is a bacterium from the family Enterobacteriaceae usually...


Cyclospora cayetanensis is a microscopic intestinal protozoan parasite that has been known as a cyanobacterium-like, coccidia-like, and cyclospora-like body...


Grapes Updated: October 28, 2015

Photo by Mark Shirley / CC BY


Grapes Updated: October 28, 2015

Photo by Fir0002 / CC BY-NC


Grapes Updated: October 28, 2015

Photo by  Joachim Schmid / CC BY


Grapes Updated: October 28, 2015

Photo by Andrew Butko. / CC BY


Grapes Updated: October 28, 2015

Three types of leaf galls.  Photo by Mlogic / CC


Grapes Updated: October 27, 2015



Grapes Updated: October 20, 2015

Small, round or elliptical, pore-like structures, resembling freckles, on the bark of some woody plants that allow gas exchange between the atmosphere and...

Plant hairs

Grapes Updated: October 20, 2015

Many plant parts have an epidermis. It is the outermost layer of cells of young plant parts; on roots, some cells differentiate into root hairs, on stems and...


Grapes Updated: October 14, 2015

The trunk is the permanent, aboveground woody stem of a tree or vine.A cordon is a long arm, usually trained along a wire, from which fruiting...

Fruiting cane

Grapes Updated: October 14, 2015


Grapes Updated: October 14, 2015

Photo by Agne27 / CC BY




Personal Finance Updated: September 28, 2015

Bankruptcy is a proceeding in a federal court in which a debtor who owes more than his or her assets can receive debt relief by transferring his or her...

Financial Security: Estate Planning

Personal Finance Updated: September 28, 2015

A will is one component of an estate plan. Although necessary to direct the distribution of assets after death, almost 70 percent of U.S. adults do not have...


Small and Backyard Flocks Updated: May 05, 2015

The National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) is a program developed to control diseases passed through the egg from hens to offspring.For more information,...

Remote Sensing Resampling Methods

Geospatial Technology Updated: December 08, 2014

When an image is created through remotely sensed data, it needs to undergo some form of validation procedure using observational and/or sampling techniques....

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