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Erica Arambulo, MFLN Family Development

Updated: February 05, 2015

Erica Arambulo has recently been hired by the Military Families Learning Network Family Development concentration area. She was hired as support staff member...

Mark A. Tyson

Feral Hogs Updated: January 23, 2015

Mark A. Tyson is an Extension Associate with the Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Extension Unit of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. He specializes...

Eat Local. What’s the big deal?

Updated: December 01, 2014

Heading into the season of holiday feasting, consumers can’t escape the message: “Eat local.”Local is big. Robust buy/eat-local campaigns have sprung up in...

Dipayan Biswas, PhD, University of South Florida

Updated: November 17, 2014

Dr. Dipayan (Dip) Biswas (Email: received his Ph.D. in Marketing from University of California, Irvine, and is currently Associate Professor...

Blayr Gourley - Oklahoma State University

Prescribed Fire Updated: October 27, 2014

Blayr Gourley is the Oklahoma State University Natural Resource Ecology and Management Web Specialist. Her background includes a bachelor of science degree...

Big Data Primed to Transform Farming

Updated: October 12, 2014

Just as combustion-driven horsepower transformed farming in the early 20th century, farm technology experts contend that data-driven, analytical horsepower...

John Tanaka, University of Wyoming

Updated: October 06, 2014

John Tanaka is the Department Head and Professor in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management at the University of Wyoming. His expertise is in...

Mental Health First Aid

Family Caregiving Updated: September 13, 2014

When you first hear about Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), you might assume it’s been around for decades as a counterpart to medical First Aid or CPR. It...

Sarah Baughman

Program Evaluation Network Literacy Updated: August 05, 2014

 Sarah is the National Project Leader for Military Families Learning Network and an Assistant Research Professor at Virginia Tech.  She provides leadership...

The Alarming Increase in Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases

Updated: July 26, 2014

  A voluminous 2011 Institute of Medicine report, Critical Needs and Gaps in Understanding Prevention, Amelioration, and Resolution of Lyme and Other...

Jason Johnson, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Women in Agriculture Updated: July 18, 2014

Jason Johnson has primary responsibility for the Education/Applied research program in Agricultural Economics for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension in the 21...

Kathleen Morgan, Rutgers University

Child and Family Learning Network Updated: July 18, 2014

 Kathleen Morgan has been with Rutgers Cooperative Extension since 1993; she is an associate professor and serves as chair of the Department of Family and...

Joanne Kinsey, Rutgers University

Child and Family Learning Network Updated: July 18, 2014

Joanne Kinsey focuses on work related to food and nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and workplace wellness. She is a member of the Family and Community Health...

Nichole Huff, North Carolina State University

Child and Family Learning Network Updated: July 18, 2014

Dr. Huff has been studying and working in the fields of child, youth, and family development for more than ten years. Dr. Huff’s areas of expertise focus on...

Susan Kerr

Susan Kerr obtained her B.S. in Animal Science and D.V.M degrees from Cornell University. She practiced rural mixed animal veterinary medicine for seven...

John A. (Tony) Cook

Ag Zone Science for Youth Updated: June 14, 2014

John A. (Tony) Cook has been on the faculty of 4-H Youth Development, Alabama Cooperative Extension System at Auburn University since 1980 and on the faculty...

Janean Creighton

Wildfire Updated: June 14, 2014

               Janean Creighton is an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist for the Oregon State University & USFS Pacific NW Partnership Project. ...

Yvonne Barkley

Wildfire Updated: June 14, 2014

               Yvonne Barkley is the Associate Extension Forester at the University of Idaho and has been in her current position since 1990. She earned a...

Mike Kuhns

Wildfire Updated: June 14, 2014

               Mike Kuhns, Professor and Extension Forester in the Department of Wildland Resources at Utah State University, promotes fire safety in...

Ed Smith

Wildfire Updated: June 14, 2014

 Ed Smith is currently employed by the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension and serves as the natural resource management specialist for western...

Elaine Bush

Wildfire Updated: June 14, 2014

               Elaine Bush attended Michigan State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 1973 and a Master of Arts in 1976.  She majored in...

Ben MacNeill

Updated: June 14, 2014

Ben MacNeill is a User Experience Designer with the eXtension Engineering team. He works out of North Carolina State University.

Ivelin Denev

Updated: June 14, 2014

Ivelin is a Web Developer at eXtension initiative. He is supporting CoP members with his experience in creating interactive apps and modules. Ivelin works...

Stephen M. Vantassel

Wildlife Damage Management Updated: June 14, 2014

Stephen M. Vantassel is Program Coordinator for Wildlife Damage Management at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Among his many duties, Stephen is...

Eric Wiseman

Trees for Energy Conservation Updated: June 14, 2014

Dr. Eric Wiseman is associate professor of urban forestry in the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation at Virginia Tech in...

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