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How to Select Building Materials That Resist Moisture

Floods Updated: November 09, 2016

Some materials used in houses are more resistant to moisture, water, flooding, and mold than other materials. Selecting materials that are more suited for...

Keeping Water, Wind, and Debris Out of Your Home

Floods Updated: November 04, 2015

A home's exterior must repel or shed rain and other moisture. If moisture does enter the structure or building envelope, it must be able to dry. During...

The National Flood Insurance Program

Floods Updated: November 04, 2015

Did you know that everyone lives in a flood zone? Any piece of land, no matter how far it is from a waterway, is potentially at risk for a flood. But does...

Strengthening House Structures to Protect Against Shift From Flood or Wind Forces

Floods Updated: November 03, 2015

A structural building engineer or architectural engineer can help you decide the type of reinforcement your house structure may need to strengthen it against...

Prepare and Respond to Impending Floods

Floods Updated: March 16, 2015

Response can be thought of as any immediate activity or action taken to save lives and property when a flood event is going to occur, and during and after a...

Reduce Potential for Future Flood Damage

Floods Updated: September 30, 2014

Before or after a flood there are many ways for an individual to reduce their potential for experiencing future flood damage (often called mitigation). These...

Floods Contents

Floods Updated: September 30, 2014

The Extension Disaster Education Network website provides additional resources for Extension educators.

Protective Barriers For Levees and Floodwalls

Floods Updated: March 23, 2012

Local zoning and codes may restrict the use of levees and floodwalls because they may create flooding and water problems for nearby properties. Check with...

Flood Plan Components: Know what chemicals you have

Floods Updated: March 23, 2012

  Keep an up-to-date list of the chemicals you have on hand.The sizes of modern agricultural warehouses, the diversity of chemicals they have in inventory,...

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