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Precautions When First Entering A Flooded Home

Floods Updated: November 09, 2016

When first returning to a flooded home, you may face many threats to life and health. The first and most obvious issue: is the building structurally sound?...

Drying Out After A Flood

Floods Updated: November 09, 2016

This publication is intended to give quick, brief answers to the many issues that arise after a flood. You will not find detailed instructions here, but the...

Recover from a Flood

Floods Updated: November 09, 2016

Recovery can be thought of as actions taken to restore and rebuild impacted areas. Recovery is a difficult and lengthy process. Recovery is traditionally...

Floods Contents

Floods Updated: September 30, 2014

The Extension Disaster Education Network website provides additional resources for Extension educators.

Health Concerns After a Flood

Floods Updated: September 30, 2014

Should I be concerned about living in a moldy home?Mold in the air is associated with a number of health problems.Can I just kill the mold with bleach to...

Frank Wideman

Frank Wideman is a Natural Resources Engineering Specialist with the University of Missouri Extension.  He specializes in natural resource management, water...

Returning to a Farm after a Flood

Floods Updated: October 02, 2013

Disaster recovery can be as dangerous as the disaster itself, especially if no disaster preparedness plan was implemented. This is especially true on farms...

Salvaging Flood-Damaged Agricultural Buildings

Floods Updated: October 01, 2013

Buildings that have been exposed to flood waters need to be evaluated for the extent of damage and the amount of clean-up and repairs necessary to restore...

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