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Investment Return

Personal Finance Updated: February 20, 2013

Total return is the profit (or loss) on an investment. It is a combination of current income (cash received from interest, dividends, etc.) and capital gains...

Fact Sheet Explains Options for Saving for College

Personal Finance Updated: February 03, 2012

Released March 26, 2009COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Parents who are trying to save for their children's education but aren't sure where to start may find guidance in a...

Saving for Children’s College Education

Personal Finance Military Families Updated: January 06, 2012

Yilmazer, T. (2008). Saving for children’s college education: an empirical analysis of the trade-off between the quality and quantity of children. Journal of...


Personal Finance Grapes Updated: August 30, 2011

In finance: A certificate representing a share of ownership in a company. Stock is the ownership of a corporation represented by shares that are a claim on...

Emergency Cash Reserve

Family Caregiving Personal Finance Updated: April 05, 2009

Setting aside money to meet unexpected expenses provides a financial safety net and allows you to take advantage of financial opportunities as they arise....

Financial Security: Saving and Investing

Updated: January 28, 2009

Even though the words "saving" and "investing" are often used interchangeably, there are differences between the two. Saving provides funds for emergencies...

The Risk / Rate-Of-Return Relationship

Personal Finance Updated: February 24, 2007

Generally speaking, risk and rate-of-return are directly related. As the risk level of an investment increases, the potential return usually increases as...

Asset Allocation

Personal Finance Updated: February 20, 2007

Asset Allocation Asset allocation is dividing a portfolio among major asset categories such as bonds, stocks, real estate, and cash to reduce the risk of the...

Investing Action Steps

Personal Finance Updated: February 20, 2007

The steps below suggest important actions for you to take to establish a solid foundation for future investing activity. Once completed, you will be ready to...

How Time Affects The Value Of Money

Personal Finance Updated: February 20, 2007

Investor A invests $2,000 a year for 10 years, beginning at age 25. Investor B waits 10 years, then invests $2,000 a year for 31 years. Compare the total...

The Time-Value of Money

Personal Finance Updated: February 20, 2007

Here is how time can work for you: Compounding works like this . . . The interest earned on your investments is reinvested or left on deposit. At the next...

Your Investment Goals

Personal Finance Updated: February 20, 2007

Your Investment Goals Goals are specific things (e.g., buy a car, put a new roof on the house) that people want to do with their money. As people move...

Your Tax Situation

Personal Finance Updated: February 20, 2007

The return on any investment is influenced by your federal, state, and local tax situation. Investment earnings may be: Before selecting an investment, learn...

Your Time Horizon

Personal Finance Updated: February 20, 2007

Your Time Horizon Time is a very important resource to investors. Young investors with a long time horizon may choose investments that exhibit wide price...


Personal Finance Updated: February 20, 2007

You can do several things to offset the impact of some types of risk. Diversifying your investment portfolio by selecting a variety of securities is one...

Dollar-cost Averaging

Personal Finance Updated: November 15, 2006

The process of making regular payments or investing the same amount periodically.

Mutual Fund

Personal Finance Updated: November 15, 2006

A pooled investment vehicle; its securities are managed for a fee by a professional investment group.

Blue-Chip Stock

Personal Finance Updated: November 14, 2006

A term, derived from the most expensive chips in a poker game, used to indicate the stock of companies with long records of growth and profitability; i.e.,...

Annual Report

Personal Finance Updated: November 14, 2006

A report that public companies are required to file annually that describes the preceding year’s financial results and plans for the upcoming year. Annual...

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