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Financial Security: Financial Planning Process

Personal Finance Updated: September 29, 2015

Financial planning is a process based on what each person considers most important based on his or her values and goals.A financial plan is really a...

Income Taxes

Personal Finance Updated: September 29, 2015

The goal for taxpayers is to pay no more than the least possible tax owed. Avoiding taxes through legal tax strategies is not to be confused with illegal tax...

Household Recordkeeping

Personal Finance Updated: September 28, 2015

Financial records have become a vital part of life. They are a key to your credit standing, are essential to help you save money on taxes, and also are a...

Creating a Portable File of Important Documents

Life’s emergency situations require advance preparation and planning. The first step is organizing your financial information. Do you have an appropriate...

Saving for Children’s College Education

Personal Finance Updated: January 06, 2012

Yilmazer, T. (2008). Saving for children’s college education: an empirical analysis of the trade-off between the quality and quantity of children. Journal of...

Record of Important Papers

Personal Finance Updated: March 21, 2008

You conduct a variety of business transactions, many of which require supportive records. Birth certificates, proof of ownership, location of property,...

Household Filing System

Personal Finance Updated: January 31, 2008

To develop a household filing system, you may wish to use the following suggested list of headings and subheadings. Bills Financial Accounts Investments and...

Action Steps Financial Goals

Personal Finance Updated: February 24, 2007

Once you have worked through the SMART goals worksheet write out short-, intermediate-, and long-term financial goals following the SMART goal format.

SMART Financial Goal-Setting

Personal Finance Updated: February 20, 2007

To get where you want to go in life, it is important to decide in advance how you will get there. Goals are signposts on the highway to the future. They...

Organize Your Important Papers

Personal Finance Updated: February 19, 2007

It is wise to periodically review your important papers. Take a fresh look at the types of records and papers you should be keeping at the beginning of each...

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