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Select and Prepare a Site for Planting Apple Trees

Apples Updated: September 21, 2011

The most important management decision is selecting where to plant an orchard. Choosing well makes all orchard practices easier. Aboveground concerns include...

Support for Apple Trees on Dwarfing Rootstocks

Apples Updated: August 31, 2011

When propagated on dwarfing rootstocks, most apple cultivars will lean or fall over as they start to fruit. Trees on dwarfing rootstocks tend to produce...

U.S. Fruit Tree Nurseries

Apples Updated: August 29, 2011

Adams County Nursery Inc., 26 Nursery Rd., P.O. Box 108, Aspers, PA 17304 Nursery, 15935 S. Temperance Ave., Selma, CA...

Buying Apple Trees: Ordering Your Trees

Apples Updated: August 29, 2011

Order trees from a nursery as far in advance as possible, and research the choices before placing your order.Nurseries become overloaded in late winter with...

Buying Apple Trees: Introduction

Apples Updated: August 29, 2011

When establishing an apple orchard, one of the biggest steps is buying your trees. These resources may guide you to find the right trees and the right...

Buying Apple Trees: Choosing a Nursery

Apples Updated: August 29, 2011

► Choose a nursery carefully when ordering trees.► Buy the best trees that you can.Bargain or low-priced trees are often more costly in the long run. A...

International Fruit Tree Nurseries

Apples Updated: August 22, 2011

D&L Nursery, 75 Avenue Joxe, 49100 Angers, FranceJanssen Brothers Nurseries Limited, PO Box 2711 6030 aa Nederweert, HollandJos Morren Nurseries, Bosstraat...

U.S. Fruit Tree Rootstock Nurseries

Apples Updated: August 22, 2011

Brandt’s Fruit Trees, Inc., PO Box B, Parker, WA 98951 http://www.brandtsfruittrees.comBurchell Nursery, Inc., 4201 McHenry Ave., Modesto, CA 95356...

Sources for Apple and Other Fruit Trees

Apples Updated: August 22, 2011

Many nurseries supply fruit trees to commercial and home growers. We've assembled lists of some of these nurseries to help you source particular plant...

Antique Fruit Cultivar Nurseries

Apples Updated: August 21, 2011

Big Horse Creek Farm, PO Box 70, Lansing, NC 28643’s Nursery and Orchards, RD 2, Biglerville, PA 17307...

Planting Apple Trees

Apples Updated: August 10, 2011

We have routinely advised growers in the upper Midwest to plant bare rooted trees mid- to late March, April or June (June? Why not May?). Several research...

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