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Equine Business Resources - Insurance for Equine Businesses

Horses Updated: October 29, 2015

 Insurance protects horse owners and users against negligence and liability. A good insurance policy is needed for any horse business to protect from the...

Equine Business Resources - Business vs. Hobby

Horses Updated: October 29, 2015

Is your horse operation a business or a hobby? The easiest way to determine whether your operation is a hobby or a business is to start with a few...

Equine Business Resources - Employee Requirements

Horses Updated: October 29, 2015

 It doesn't matter what the employee is called (agent, partner, independent contractor, etc.), and it doesn't matter how payment is made to them or how many...

Equine Business Resources - Best Practices for a Safe and Efficient Equine Facility

Horses Updated: July 02, 2014

Best Practices:How to Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Your Equine Facility:Youth Employment in Farm and Other Agriculture Occupations:Hazardous...

Equine Business Network Information and Webcast Recordings

Horses Updated: November 17, 2013

Welcome to the Equine Business Network (EBN), which provides horse-industry professionals with online horse business resources focused on liability, business...

Equine Business Network Articles

Horses Updated: November 16, 2013

Are you looking for information regarding equine businesses? Need some basic information regarding services, contracts, insurance or liability? Check out the...

Equine Business Resources - Services and Contracts

Horses Updated: November 16, 2013

How do contracts play a role in my equine business? Contracts are written agreements between two or more parties that are enforceable by law. Whether you are...

Optimizing the Horse Industry Labor Force

Horses Updated: July 31, 2013

Equine business professionals are invited to participate in a dynamic, online short course series where they will be connected with land grant universities,...

Equine Business Resources - Liabilites and Waivers

Horses Updated: October 31, 2012

Equine Activity Liability Acts (EALA):These acts prevent an equine activity sponsor, professional, or others from being sued if a participant who engages in...

Equine Business Resources - Business Structures

Horses Updated: October 31, 2012

One major decision for operating a horse business is determining which legal business organization to use. The one that fits your situation depends on...

Equine Business Resources - The Real Cost of Owning a Horse

Horses Updated: October 31, 2012

Important questions to ask yourself before purchasing a horse:Benefits/Concerns of OwnershipBenefits:Concerns:Costs associated with ownership:Making...

Equine Business Resources - Economic Equine Outlook

Horses Updated: October 29, 2012

       There are many indications of market saturation due to overproduction and the loss of the slaughter option for unwanted horses. Most horse shelters...

Equine Business Resources - Developing a Business Plan

Horses Updated: October 29, 2012

Why a Business Plan?Business Plan Components         A business plan can be a great asset to help you look at what your business is really all about and what...

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