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Keeping Children Active Indoors

Child Care Updated: October 02, 2015

Child care providers often dread those days when the weather is bad and the children can’t get outdoors to play. But children need to have active times every...

Developmentally Appropriate Ways to Teach Fitness to Young Children in Child Care

Child Care Updated: September 26, 2015

It seems like young children in a child care program are always in motion. You’d think that most children are active enough to keep themselves fit, but...

Things to Consider when Planning for Physical Activities in Child Care

Child Care Updated: September 18, 2015

Childhood obesity is a growing problem in early childhood. Child care providers can play an important role in preventing obesity by helping children stay...

Nutrition and Physical Activity in Child Care

Child Care Updated: September 17, 2015

Ensuring that children grow and thrive is an essential part of the child care provider's job. Feeding infants appropriately, serving well-balanced meals and...

Helping Children in Child Care Be Physically Active

Child Care Updated: September 17, 2015

Eating healthy is only one way child care providers can help children maintain a healthy weight. Physical activity is also important. According to Shape...

Active Play in Child Care

Child Care Updated: September 16, 2015

Regular physical activity is important for everyone, but it is especially important for young children. Child care providers can be positive role models as...

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