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How do we control fire ants in pastures?

Horses Imported Fire Ants Updated: October 01, 2015

First, is it worth treating your pasture at all? If the answer is yes, there are several baits that can be broadcast for fire ant control in pastures. These...

Drought Strategies Concerning Livestock

Beef Cattle Drought Resources Updated: September 08, 2015

Strategies to deal with drought are hardly ever palatable or easy to implement. With much of the country experiencing below normal precipitation and hot...

Livestock Waste Management For Protecting Water Quality

Animal Manure Management Updated: March 18, 2015

The site selection and management of cattle feeding facilities has a substantial impact on water quality in Kansas. Site location within the prevailing...

Hemorrhagic Septicemia

Hemorrhagic septicemia is a severe bacterial disease caused by certain strains of Pasteurella multicoda. It primarily affects cattle and water buffalo, but...

Effect of Feeding Distiller’s Grains on Reduced Sulfur Emissions

Animal Manure Management Updated: November 13, 2013

Waste to Worth home | More proceedings....Odorous reduced sulfur compounds are produced during manure decomposition and emitted from confined animal feeding...

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Livestock & Poultry

Agriculture is both a source and sink for greenhouse gases (GHG). A source is a net contribution to the atmosphere, while a sink is a net withdrawal of...

Using Fire to Manage Horn Flies on Cattle

Prescribed Fire Updated: July 10, 2013

Indigenous tribes of North America, Africa and Australia used fire for a variety of reasons including control of insects.  Commercial livestock operators...

Using Prescribed Fire to Control Ticks

Beef Cattle Prescribed Fire Updated: July 10, 2013

Troublesome pests such as ticks can be controlled with fire. However, for most parasites, control by fire lasts only for one growing season post-burn.Many...

What are cattle?

Science for Youth Updated: July 17, 2012

 The word cattle refers to more than one cow.  Cattle are large animals that are raised for their meat and their milk.  Cattle that are raised for their meat...

What are beef cattle?

Science for Youth Updated: June 26, 2012

 Beef cattle are livestock that are raised for their meat.  The meat taken from the cow is called beef.  Therefore, cattle that are raised for their meat are...

What are dairy cattle?

Science for Youth Updated: April 11, 2012

Dairy cattle are livestock that are bred and raised for their milk.  Dairy cattle are raised on dairy farms.  The milk collected from the female cow is used...

Do cows have similar vision to humans?

Ag Safety and Health Updated: March 14, 2012

No, cows have what is referred to as panoramic vision. This means they can see things in all directions without moving their heads. They have 300° vision...

What is a cow's flight zone?

Ag Safety and Health Updated: March 01, 2012

If you are planning to move cattle, you must first understand their "flight zone.” Understanding a cow's flight zone will reduce stress on the animal and...

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