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Collection Tips by the Bug Chicks

Learn how to make your own bug net! The Bug Chicks, joined by Junior Master Gardeners, show you how easy it is. You’ll also get tips, tricks, and techniques...

Ants, Bees, and Wasps by the Bug Chicks

Go deep into the worlds of ants, bees and wasps in this episode of the Bug Chicks. You’ll learn the biology and vast diversity of this insect order called...

Fantastic Bug Feats from the Bug Chicks

Insects pack some major muscle! An ant can carry 10 times its bodyweight. A grasshopper can travel the length of a football field in three leaps. Join the...

The Bug Chicks: Isoptera, Termites

Did you know that some queen termites can live up to 50 years and lay 30,000 eggs a day?! This video by the Bug Chicks is swarming with facts about termite...

The Bug Chicks: How Animals Move

The Bug Chicks use their favorite subject – bugs! – to show you how animals move around in their environment. In this video you’ll get an up close look at a...

The Bug Chicks, Episode 1: Bug Bites

Did you know that grasshoppers taste with their feet?! Or that insects have compound eyes, which is like watching 50,000 TV screens at the same time?! Learn...

The Bug Chicks: Suck A Bug!

Learn how to make an aspirator to collect insects. It’s easy! The Bug Chicks along with junior master gardeners show you how. Using these simple tips and...

The Bug Chicks: It's a Small World

Ever wonder how scientists collect and observe insects that live in the ground? They use a Burlese funnel. You can easily make your own! The Bug Chicks along...

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