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Pre-harvest Drop

Apples Updated: December 06, 2012

Apples sometimes drop to the ground before they reach the desired harvest maturity. This pre-harvest fruit drop can cause significant losses in apple...

What are different "strains" of the same apple cultivar?

Apples Updated: September 21, 2011

Many cultivars of apples have multiple strains or selections which will have different names usually in front of the cultivar i.e. Grand Gala, Gale Gala,...

How do I find out if two apple cultivars are effective to cross pollinate?

Apples Updated: September 08, 2011

Nursery catalogs or their web sites often list apple pollination charts or recommend good apple varieties to use as pollinzers. Varieties listed in these...

How do I know when it is the right time to pick an apple cultivar?

Apples Updated: September 08, 2011

Time of harvest depends on the intended use of the apples.  Apples that will be consumed immediately can be left on the tree longer than those intended for...

Does an apple cultivar ripen at the same time every year?

Apples Updated: September 08, 2011

Not necessarily. Time of apple ripening is affected most by bloom date and growing season weather. For example, McIntosh typically ripens 125 Days After Full...

How do I select the best "strain" of an apple cultivar?

Apples Updated: September 07, 2011

In selecting the best strain of a cultivar it is important to talk to other fruit growers, cooperative extension personnel and nursery owners. Solicit advice...

Do small apples and large apples of the same cultivar taste the same?

Apples Updated: September 07, 2011

Small  and large apples will taste the same. However, smaller apples may  be firmer and less juicy than larger apples. Large apples may show more calcium...

Is there a chance that a scab-resistant apple cultivar will become scab-susceptible?

Apples Updated: September 06, 2011

Yes, and several scab-resistant cultivars already are scab-susceptible at some locations. Most scab-resistant apples trace their origins to a collaboration...

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