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What fire ant control measure can I use in my vegetable garden?

Imported Fire Ants Updated: October 19, 2016

Various fire ant control products are labeled for use in the vegetable garden. Only a few bait products are currently approved for use in the home vegetable...

IPM Action Plan for Fire Ants

Pest Management In and Around Structures Updated: August 03, 2016

Imported fire ants deliver painful stings resulting in a white, bump-like pustule. They make prominent mounds from which they emerge quickly and aggressively...

Are fire ants attracted to electricity?

Imported Fire Ants Updated: October 01, 2015

There is general consensus that when fire ants and other ant species get shocked, they release pheromones that attract other worker ants to the site. Those...

How do fire ants affect other animal populations?

Imported Fire Ants Updated: October 01, 2015

In areas where fire ant populations are very high, the ants may reduce populations of other ground-dwelling insects. This includes some native ant species,...

Does gasoline kill fire ants?

Imported Fire Ants Updated: October 01, 2015

Gasoline probably will not kill the entire fire ant colony. Gasoline is highly repellent to ants and is likely to cause them to relocate. However, gasoline...

Integrated Pest Management for Ants

 Photograph is used with permission.  Charles Ray, Auburn UniversityAre you having ant problems? We have placed all of our resources concerning ants, their...

Urban IPM Webinars & Events

Pest Management In and Around Structures Updated: November 07, 2014

Learn how to keep bugs and other pests from invading your home, your school or other structure with these nifty webinar recordings. These and other webinars...

Ants, Bees, and Wasps by the Bug Chicks

Go deep into the worlds of ants, bees and wasps in this episode of the Bug Chicks. You’ll learn the biology and vast diversity of this insect order called...

How can I tell if those are flying ants or termites swarming at the foundation of my house?

Termite alateIf the insects are ants or termites, you will see a number of winged individuals present in the mass of insects. These individuals are the...

Ants are taking over my garden and killing some of my plants. Is there a way I can kill them without putting chemicals on my vegetables that could harm my family?

Gardens & Landscapes Updated: May 15, 2008

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