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Ant Detective Game in Second Life

Imported Fire Ants Updated: April 30, 2016

Are you a Second Lifer? If so you may want to play our Ant Detective Game on Morrill Island (Search for Morrill, teleport to Morrill (128 128 24) then...

Food Safety in Second Life

Food Safety Updated: October 21, 2015

The Virtual Food Inspector Game was created in Second Life® to teach participants about foodborne hazards. Since the use of virtual communities for adult...

Second Life: Basic Skills for New Users

Network Literacy Updated: May 19, 2015

Second Life is sometimes characterized as having a "steep learning curve." Certainly, the virtual world is complex, but this need not prevent you from giving...

Research and Articles about Virtual Worlds and Education

Updated: May 19, 2015

 **The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research  is an online, open access peer-reviewed academic journal published since 2008. All past issues are available at  ...

eXtension Places in the Second Life Virtual World

Updated: October 16, 2014

eXtension maintains five regions in Second Life (2014) for the purposes of orientation and training, idea testing, prototyping, and outreach to the public...

Winter Safety Game: "Grandma's Birthday Blizzard"

Network Literacy Updated: October 16, 2014

The Winter Safety Game: "Grandma's Birthday Blizzard" is a 3D immersive lesson that teaches the basics of winter safety preparedness. This is a seasonal...

The LiveAbility House

Family Caregiving Updated: August 01, 2013

Second Life® is a free, Internet-based virtual world. Global users, called residents, interact with each other within the Second Life® environment in real...

How to Register For a Free Second Life Account

Updated: May 30, 2012

Second Life requires a newer desktop or notebook computer with dedicated graphics card. Check the system requirements here. Second Life will not run on...

Avian Influenza Prevention in 3D

Small and Backyard Flocks Updated: April 03, 2012

As more people begin to raise poultry in their backyards, it has become important to spread awareness of simple biosecurity procedures that can prevent the...

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