Imported Fire Ants Membership

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Dr. Kathy Flanders, Extension Entomologist and Associate Professor, Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, Auburn University. Dr. Flanders will develop activities to allow for the continuing engagement of the Community of Interest (CoI). She will facilitate interaction within and between the Community of Practice (CoP) work team, the CoP, and the CoI. She takes primary responsibility for updating the CoP Profile. Current work team assignments include leadership of the "Where are Fire Ants" team, and co-leadership of the Impact Evaluation team.

Dr. Paul R. Nester, Extension Program Specialist II - IPM, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. Dr. Nester led the effort to develop the Youth module. He is co-leader of the Youth Content work team, which maintains current youth content and develops additional content.  He is also leader of the FAQ team.

Dr. Robert Puckett, Assistant Professor and Extension Entomologist, Texas A&M University AgriLife Extension (Department of Entomology) at the Rollins Urban and Structural Entomology Facility.  Dr. Puckett has over a decade of experience working with red imported fire ants and other invasive social insects.

CoP Membership – U. S. A.


Auburn University, Alabama Cooperative Extension System - Thomas Agee, Chris Becker, Chuck Browne, Danny Cain, Danielle Carroll, Doug Chapman, Bethany Cleveland, Kenneth Creel, Tim Crow, Willie Datcher, Henry Dorough, William East, Lucy Edwards, Josh Elmore, Henry Fadamiro, Kathy Flanders, Glenda Freeman, Ted Gilbert, Fudd Graham, Jonathan Gladney, Tony Glover, Gary Gray, Warren Griffith, Norm Haley III,  Jerri Hammonds, Shane Harris, David Held, Mike Henshaw, Denise Heubach, Ping Hu, Ellen Huckabay, Jennifer Johnson, James D. Jones, Ken Kelley, Mallory Kelley, David Koon, Willie Lampley, Maggie Lawrence, Sallie Lee, Grant Lyons, Mario Lightfoote, Ayanava Majumdar, Landon Marks, Paul Mask, Hunter McBrayer, Gerald (Mike) McQueen, James Miles, Kim Mullenix, Bethany O'Rear, Rudy Pacumbaba, Kelly Palmer, Charles Pinkston, Dan Porch, Timothy Reed,  Mike Reeves, Roosevelt Robinson, Sergio Ruiz-Córdova, Eric Schavey, Allyson Shabel, Donna Shanklin, Kerry P. Smith, Jimmy Smitherman, Sonja Thomas, Anthony Wiggins, Tyler Weldon, Kathryn Wendland, Emery Tschetter, M. Virginia White

Alabama A&M University - Rufina Ward, Ken Ward

Alabama A&M University, Alabama Cooperative Extension System - Eddie Wheeler

Tuskegee University - William Hodge, George Hunter

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service - Rory Stephens, April Jones


University of Arkansas - Scott Akin, Ricky Corder, Kelly Loftin, John Hopkins, Skip Armes, Sim Barrow

University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension System - Ed Brown, Jerry Clemons, John Gavin, Mike McCarter, Michelle Mobley, Doug Petty, Amy Simpson, Tony Windham


California Department of Food and Agriculture - Mohammad Azhar

Coachella Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District - Bobbye Dieckmann, Jeremy Wittie, Greg White, Jill Oviatt, Jennifer Henke

County of Los Angeles, CA - Greg Creekmur

Riverside County Agriculture Department, CA - Bill Oesterlein

County of San Diego Agriculture Weights & Measures - Tracy Ellis

Orange County Vector Control District, California - Charlie Cassidy, Jim Green, Cynthia Ross

University of California, Riverside - Les Greenburg


USDA Regional Program Manager - Katie Hough


University of Delaware - Dewey Caron


University of Florida - Rebecca Baldwin, Daniel Culbert, Phil Koehler, Faith Oi, Roberto Pereira, Joe Walter, Jonael Bosques-Mendez

University of South Florida, St. Petersburg - Deby Cassill

Florida Atlantic University - Danielle Romais


University of Georgia - William Carlan, Lisa Craigue, Sharon Dowdy, Louise Estabrook, Wayne Gardner, Mike Hayes, Ray Hicks, Hal Peeler, Karan Rawlins, Mary Carol Sheffield, April Sorrow, Dan Suiter, Will Hudson


University of Hawaii - Arnold Hara, Julian Yates, Andrea Kawabata


University of Kentucky - Lori Bowling, Ivelin Denev, Suellen Zornes, Janet Lensing, Joe Collins


Louisiana State University - Denyse Cummins, Frankie Gould, Carol Pinnell-Alison, Tom Merrill, Robert Turley, Ed Twidwell, Dennis Ring

Louisiana State University, AgCenter - Keith Fontenot, Stuart Gauthier, Dale Pollet, Carlos Smith, Bobby Fletcher, Linda Hooper-Bui, Seth Johnson

Volunteer Entomologist,  Rapides  County - Bobbe Fitzgibbon


University of Minnesota - Karen Jeannette


Mississippi State University - Blake Layton, Joe MacGown


University of Missouri Extension - Richard Houseman

New Mexico

New Mexico State University - David Thompson, Alvaro Romero

North Carolina

North Carolina State University - Charles Apperson, Mark Blevins, Art Bradley, Linda Brandon, Silas Brown, Douglas Clement, Jr., Anne Edwards, Wendi Hartup, Gary Pierce, Jenifer Reynolds, Cliff Ruth, Kenneth Sorensen, Frank Winslow, Greg Traywick, Randy Wood, John Vining, Debbie Roos, Mark Danieley, Charlotte Glen, Susan Brown, Lewis Smith, Cyndi Lauderdale, Peter Hertl, Colby Griffin

North Carolina Department of Agriculture - Kathleen Kidd


Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry - Jeanetta Cooper

Oklahoma State University - Richard Grantham, Eric Rebek

South Carolina

Clemson University - Brian Beer, Eric Benson, Vicky Bertagnolli-Heller, Bob Bett, Stephen Compton, Tim Davis, Paul (Mac) Horton, Ray McCauley, Bob Brouillet


Tennessee State University - Alicia Bray, Jason Oliver, Nadeer Youssef, Karla Addesso

University of Tennessee - Frank Hale, John Skinner, Karen Vail, Emily Gonzalez

University of Tennessee CES - Ron Blair, Ray Burden, John Goddard, Jerry Lamb, Heath Nokes, Grant Palmer, Sheldon Barker, Jimmy Todd

University of Tennessee County Agent/Educator - Creig Kimbro, James Griffin


Prairie View A&M University, Cooperative Extension Program - Rene McCracken

Texas A&M University System's Texas AgriLife Extension Service and Research - Brent Batchelor, Wizzie Brown, Allan Cranfill, Bart Drees (emeritus), Jeff Floyd, Roger Gold, Wade Hibler, Joe Janak, Molly Keck, Darlene Locke, Michael Merchant, Paul Nester, Bradleigh Vinson, Carol Clark, Robert Puckett, Danny McDonald, Randy Reeves, Allen Knutson, Juliana Rangel, Erfan Vafaie

Texas Department of Agriculture - Awinash Bhatkar

Texas Tech University - Harlan Thorvilson

United States Department of Agriculture

USDA Forest Service, Emeritus - John Moser

USDA APHIS Plant Protection & Quarantine - Richard Johnson, Carol Russell, Stacy Scott, Justin Wall, Denny Hamon

USDA APHIS Plant Protection & Quarantine, Center for Plant Health Science and Technology - Anne-Marie Callcott

USDA ARS Center for Medical. Agricultural, and Veterinary Entomology - David Oi, Sanford Porter, Robert Vander Meer, Steven Valles

USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) - Herb Bolton

USDA ARS Beltsville, Maryland - Daniel Strickman


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Karen Carter, Peter B. Schultz, Scott McElfresh, Deborah Waller, Keith Starke, Watson Lawrence

Virginia Cooperative Extension - Dan Nortman

Virginia Dept of Agriculture & Consumer Service - Edward Burlett

eXtension Staff - Nick Broady, Terry Meisenbach, Ivelin Denev

Other - Alejandro Calixto

CoP Membership – Outside U. S. A.

FBA Consulting, New Zealand - Viv Van Dyk

National Taiwan University - Chin-Cheng "Scotty" Yang

Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries - John James


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