How Do I Participate in a Webcast?

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It is strongly recommended that first-time viewers complete Step 1 several days or weeks before a webcast.

Step 1: Test Your Software and Connection Speed

To test your software and connection speed, go to: Adobe Connect Test Site. This website will run several diagnostics:

  • to see if you have a supported version of Flash Player,
  • that you can successfully connect to the virtual meeting room server (no firewall issues),
  • that your connection speed is adequate and
  • that you have the appropriate plug-in (not mandatory but it does allow you to see the presentation in full-screen rather than inside the browser window).

If your version of Flash Player or the Connect add-in need to be updated, the website above will direct you to appropriate download links. If you are unable to connect to the enterprise server (the host of the meeting room), contact your IT staff or visit our Webcast Troubleshooting page.

Step 2: View a short welcome message

A two minute welcome message will introduce the virtual meeting room and demonstrate how to ask questions or give comments to the speakers. If you successfully connect to that message, you should have no problems connecting to live or archived webcasts.

If you are unable to connect to the welcome message, contact your IT staff or visit our Webcast Troubleshooting page.

Step 3: Connect to the webcast

On the scheduled day and time (about 15 minutes before the webcast begins), connect to the virtual meeting room. Select the "enter as guest" option and then type your name when prompted. If the program asks to install the Adobe Connect 'add-in', allow the program to install (only takes a few seconds). If you want to download the power point presentations, and view other resources, go to the Live Webcast Information page.