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Healthy Food Choices in Schools Webinar Series Courses

Each course (webinar series) consists of 3 videos and 3 comprehension questions. A Certificate of Completion will be issued automatically upon satisfactory completion. School Nutrition Association members are also eligible for 1 SNA CEU per course, to be emailed upon satisfactory completion. These courses can also be counted towards the USDA School Meal Professional Standards. 

  • Beyond the Lunchroom: How School Meals Can Promote Nutrition and Combat Hunger

This course explores the problem of youth hunger from an academic and behavioral perspective and provides tips and resources for combatting hunger in schools and school communities by increasing the access and appeal of nutritious foods as well as enacting more in-depth hunger reduction programs. 

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  • Programs to Encourage Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Schools & Communities

​This course highlights 3 programs that have had success in promoting healthy food consumption among school children. You will learn how these programs work and how to implement similarly successful initiatives or programs in your own local schools.  


  • Smarter Lunchrooms Movement Evaluation Tools for School Meal Environments

This course introduces a free widely-used tool, the Smarter Lunchrooms Self Assessment Scorecard, for easily gauging the successes of healthy school food environments and identifying areas for improvement. The course provides insights and step by step instructions for getting the most of the scorecard and its corresponding app. In addition, the course addresses how easy-to-implement lunchroom changes, including those listed in the scorecard, can increase consumption of healthy foods and decrease food waste.  

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  • Best Practices for Planning, Procuring, and Marketing Healthy School Meals

​This course provides tools and resources to plan for procuring fresh, local foods that are National School Lunch Program compliant. The course also highlights some easy to implement best practices for marketing nutritious target foods to students, to increase school meal program participation. 

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  • Innovative Strategies to Nudge and Promote Healthy Eating at School

In this course, learn valuable insights and practical tips for applying the principles of behavioral economics and persuasion to school meal programs to meet USDA requirements and encourage healthy food choices and consumption among children.

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  • Designing, Funding, and Measuring Healthy Initiatives in School Meal Programs

In this course learn strategies for school meal program leaders to identify and implement healthy initiatives, find funding to support those initiatives, and measure and communicate successes to students and other stakeholders in the community.

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Recommended Course

  • Creating Smarter Lunchrooms

This course is a great introduction to Smarter Lunchrooms fundamentals including behavioral economic theory and application in under 2 hours! It offers 2 continuing education credits from the School Nutrition Association. 

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