Ariana Oliva, California Food Policy Advocates

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Ariana Oliva is a nutrition policy advocate with California Food Policy Advocates (CFPA). She leads the REAL Initiative in Los Angele County. The REAL initiative focuses on bringing stakeholders together to work on strategies and policy opportunities in support of freshly prepared school meals made from whole and minimally processed ingredients. She also provides technical assistance to local school districts to help improve the appeal and presentation of school meals and has encouraged districts to adopt and implement Smarter Lunchroom strategies in the cafeteria.

In addition, Ariana is also involved in promoting water consumption in schools and has developed tools to guide districts in making water more accessible to students during meal times. Prior to CFPA, Ariana was a 2008-09 Executive Fellow at the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Ariana Oliva

Nutrition Policy Advocate

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