Karen Jeannette

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Karen Jeannette

Karen Jeannette is the Social Media Strategist for the Military Families Learning Network.  She has explored and evaluated how new communication technologies and approaches can be used to learn in online environments for over 15 years.

Karen has consulted with Cooperative Extension professionals and volunteers to share research-based information with the public through eXtensionwebsites, blogs, webinars, and social networks for the past eight years.  In 2012, she received the eXtension Outstanding Community of Practice Award for her role as a steering team member in the Network Literacy Community of Practice,  a group charged with helping professionals learn to become comfortable and proficient working with social media and interactive online environments.

She was first acquainted to peer learning and digital media in 1998 as part of her graduate work evaluating classroom and online sections of a university training course.  She found no difference in knowledge gained between the classroom and online sections, yet observed online trainees exchanging rich insights with each other in the forum and chat sessions. This was her first inkling that the peer interactions we’d thought of as a side benefit of learning would rapidly become the predominant way people interact, learn and make sense of the world.

Today, Karen helps Military Families Learning Network concentration area teams incorporate social media into guided and informal professional development opportunities. She helps concentration areas to leverage social media as a means to enhance learning opportunities, provide peer support and increase the capacity for military service professionals to support military families across a global learning and support network.

Contact Information

Karen Jeannette
Social Media Strategist
Military Families Learning Network

Email: karenjeannette@extension.org
Twitter: kjeannette



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