Economics of Agricultural Injury Prevention

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Agricultural injuries can have financial impacts on agricultural producers, families, farms or ranches, and even local communities. The Economics of Agricultural Injury Prevention (EOP) Program  at the University of Kentucky provides resource material for teachers to educate their students about the high cost of injuries and the cost-effectiveness of injury prevention. The curriculum was designed for integration with core content in such subjects as economics, agricultural economics, and social studies, and it can be linked to required core content in multiple subject areas.

Through the EOP Program, students participate in simulations, explore cost tools, watch documentaries and podcasts, and conduct web-based research assignments (called WebQuests). These activities provide students opportunities to enhance their critical thinking and decision making and to demonstrate their knowledge.

If you are a teacher or an administrator interested in learning more about this program, click here to be directed to the EOP homepage, and then click "Teachers & Admin" in the column on left side of the page. The teachers and administrators section of the site includes information about the program's core content compliances, skills, story simulations, cost tools, digital documentaries, agricultural safety podcasts, and WebQuests.


Reviewed and Summarized by:
Linda M. Fetzer, Pennsylvania State University –
Dennis J. Murphy, Pennsylvania State University –
Mark A. Purschwitz, University of Kentucky
Aaron M. Yoder, University of Nebraska Medical Center -

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