2nd International Organic Fruit Research Symposium

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eOrganic conducted live broadcasts from the the 2nd International Organic Fruit Research Symposium in Leavenworth, Washington on June 19 and 21, 2012. The following recorded presentations from this symposium will be of interest to researchers, Extension professionals, growers, consultants, suppliers, and retailers who wish to learn the latest developments in the worldwide organic fruit supply chain. Click on the links below to view the presentations.

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June 19, 2012

The Organic Fruit System

The US Market for Organic Fruits. Don Harris, USA

Organic Fruit Growing and Markets in Europe in the early 2010s: Solutions, Challenges, and Perspectives. Franco Weibel, Switzerland

Fungal Disease Management in Organic Fruit Orchards: Epidemiology, Forecasting and Disease Control Strategies. Imre Holb, Hungary

Biological Pest Control in Organic Tree Crops in the Western U.S.: An Overview. Nick MIlls, USA

The Potential Impacts Of Genetics, Genomics And Breeding On Organic Fruit Production. Kate Evans, USA

OREI: Organic Strawberries in California. Joji Muramoto and Steve Pedersen, USA

OREI: Organic Apples in Vermont. Lorraine Berkett and Steve Meyerhans, USA

OREI: High Tunnel Organic Fruit In Michigan. Greg Lang and Jim Koan, USA

Insect Biocontrol

Monitoring and Modeling Natural Enemies to Enhance Biological Control in Western US Tree Crops. V. Jones, USA

Habitat Modifications and Species-Specific Pest Control Products Can Reduce Pest Control Costs. Unruh, USA

Three for One: An Organic Adjuvant that May Improve Management of Fruit Flies, Diseases, and Birds in Cherry and Small Fruits. Alan Knight, USA

Effect of a Commercial Extract of the Brown Seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum on Mites in Tree Fruit. Little, Canada

Green Peach Aphid (Myzus Persicae (Sulzer)) Control In Organic Plum Orchards. Cichon, Argentina


Transition to Organic Fruit Production: Impact on Yield and Environmental Performance of Muscadine (Vitis rotundifolia) in a Heavy Soil.  Girish K. Panicker, USA

High Tunnel Production of Organic Strawberries.  Eric Poupart, USA

Early Production Years of Two Organic Orchards: Newly Planted vs Top-Grafted. M. Elena Garcia, USA

Effects of Weed and Nutrient Management Practices in Organic Pear Orchards. Chuck Ingels, USA

New Apple Cultivars for Organic Fruit Production in Northern Germany. Karsten Klopp, Germany

Performance in the Early Production Years of Two Organic Orchards Established by Different Methods: Newly Planted and Top-Grafting. Elena Garcia, USA

Characterization of Berry Quality of Ribes nigrum in Relation to Harvest Timing and Cultivar.  Nicholas Taylor, USA

Organic Blueberries: A Product with Good Demand. Peter Anderson, USA

Recent Postharvest Developments in Organic Fruits: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Robert Prange, Canada

The OrganicA Project: Research on Weed Management options for Organic Apple Production. Terry Bradshaw, USA

Assessmenrt of Ascophyllum nodosum-extract Biostimulants on Tree Growth, Yield and Fruit Quality in a Certified Organic Apple Orchard. Terry Bradshaw, USA

High Tunnels and Annual Growing Systems for Organic Strawberry Production in Three Diverse Environments. Thomas Walters, USA

Plant Pathology

Systems Approach to Fire Blight Control in Organic Pear and Apple without Antibiotics. Ken Johnson, USA

Effect of Spray Application Parameters on Viability of Bacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens Used as Bio-pesticide in Organic Fruit Production. Doruchowski, Poland

Progress in Brassicaceae Seed Meal Formulation and Application for Replant Disease Control in Organic Apple Orchards. Mazzola, USA

Management Of Phytophthora Cinnamomi Root Rot Disease Of Blueberry With Gypsum And Compost. Yeo, USA

Control of Bacterial Wilt in Organically Grown Muskmelon. Caudle, USA

June 21, 2012

Soil Management

Observations on the Biology of Organic Orchard Soils. Bird, USA

Soil Management in Organic Orchard Production Systems. Neilsen, Canada

The Effects of Four Ground Cover Management Systems and Three Nutrient Sources on the Development and Performance of an Organic Apple Orchard in the Southern US. Rom, USA

Organic and Intregrated Orchard Floor Management.  Jennifer Reeve, USA

Soils and Crop Nutrition

Effect of Four Different Soil Management Techniques on Apple Root Development. Neri, Italy

Effect of Organic Fertilization on Soil Fertility, Tree Nutritional Status and Nutritional Removal of Mature Nectarine Trees. Toselli, Italy

Fertility Management of Establishing Organic Blackcurrants (Ribes nigrum L.). Hammermeister, Canada

Using Compost as Mulch for Highbush Blueberry. Forge, Canada

Effect On The Soil Physical Property And Fruit Quality Followed By Subsoil Breaking In Organically Converting Kiwifruit (Actinidia Chinensis ‘Haegeum’) Orchard. Cho, Korea

Effects of Organic Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners on the Quality of Apple Maiden Trees.  Z.S. Grzyb. Poland

Effect of Organic Fertilizers on Photosynthetic Efficiency of Strawberry Plants. E. Malusa. Poland

Organic Fruit Systems

Organic Blueberries in south Chile: Challenges for Growers.  Carlos Klein Koch.

Effects of Weed and Nutrient Management Practices in Organic Pear Orchards.  Chuck Ingels. USA.

Global Expansion of Organic Fruit Area.  David Granatstein. USA.

Comparison of Practices and Resource Use for Organic and Conventional Fruit in California. Karen Klonsky, USA

Prospects and Challenges of Organic Fruit Production in Pakistan. Ahmad Satter Khan, Pakistan

Mechanized String Thinners: An Effectove Tool for Cropload Management in Organic Apricot Production. Karen Lewis, USA

Combining Multiple Performances for a Sustainable Agriculture: Organic Fruit Production as a Prototype. Stephon Bellon, France


An In-Store Assessment of Consumers' Willingness-To-Pay for Organic Apples: Does Size Matter?  Nathan Skuza, USA

Economic Analysis of Five Apple Cultivars in a Top-Grafted Organic Orchard, 2006-2011. Robert Parsons, USA

Organic Fruit: Impacts and Progress

Impacts of Organic Production Systems on Fruit Nutritional Quality and Safety. Benbrook, USA

Nutritional and Organoleptic Characterization of Apple Produced by Organic and Integrated Production Systems in Lleida (Spain). Huanca, Spain

Linking Soil Health to the Nutritional Quality of Fruit. Andrews, USA

Biological Control of Postharvest Diseases: Hurdles, Successes and Prospects. Janisiewicz, USA

How to Increase the Conversion Rate to Organic Fruit Production. Klopp and Quast, Germany


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