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imageRegister for upcoming webinars and view past recordings. The Plant Breeding and Genomics Webinar Series describes and demonstrates widely applicable advances in breeding and genomics.
The PBG Webinar Series describes and demonstrates widely applicable advances in breeding and genomics. Register for upcoming webinars and view past recordings.

2017 NAPB Webinar Series - Building Better Plants for the 21st Century: Updates and Upgrades in HTP, IP and DNA

March 1 - Dr. Kevin Price, Executive Vice President of R& D, AgPixel, LLC. ‘How Can Ultra-High Resolution Drone Imagery be Acquired and Used for High Throughput Plant Phenotyping.’

March 15 - Dr. Julie Dawson, Department of Horticulture, University of Wisconsin-Madison. ‘Findings from the Summit on Intellectual Property Rights and Public Plant Breeding.’

March 29 - Dr. Russell Jessup, Perennial Grass Breeding, Texas A&M University. ‘IP Learning Curve: On the Job or Graduate Curricula?
April 12 - Dr. Philipp Simon, Carrot and Garlic Genetics, USDA-ARS, University of Wisconsin-Madison. ‘Building a Better Carrot – for Growers and Consumers.’
April 26 - Dr. Jim Myers, Vegetable Breeding and Genetics, Oregon State University. ‘Trends in Intellectual Property Protection in Plant Breeding.’
May 10 - Dr. Fred Allen, Soybean Breeding & Variety Trials, University of Tennessee. ‘Requirements added to public soybean breeding programs due to IP rights.

2015 NAPB Webinar Series Archive: The Science of Selections

The National Association of Plant Breeders (NAPB) in partnership with the Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee and PBG Works presented a webinar series in April and May, 2015. Watch the recordings at the links below and scroll down for more archived webinar recordings from the Plant Breeding and Genomics Comunity.

Date Title Presenters
April 1, 2015 Cotton: From Depression Era Mules to the Moon and Back Johnie Jenkins, USDA ARS
April 8, 2015 Raspberry Breeding for the Pacific Northwest Pat Moore, Washington State University
April 15, 2015 From Lilies to Gladiolus: Flower Power Neil Anderson, University of Minnesota
April 22, 2015 Sugarbeet Genetics, Genomics and Germplasm Enhancement Mitch McGrath, Michigan State University
May 6, 2015 Plant Breeding Approaches and Technologies for Challenges in Agriculture: A view from a Texas Maize Breeding Program Seth Murray, Texas A&M University
May 13, 2015 Soybeans: Way More than Just Nice Yellow Seeds Istvan Rajcan, University of Guelph
May 20, 2015 Breeding Peanuts: The story of a lowly groundnut Barry Tillman, University of Florida

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More Archived Webinars from the Plant Breeding and Genomics Community

Content Description Webinar Title Presenter Date
Video NAPB Webinar Series Peppers, the Most Important Part of Salsa Kevin Crosby, Texas A&M 7/1/2014
Video NAPB Webinar Series Dry Bean Breeding James Kelly, MSU 6/17/2014
Video NAPB Webinar Series Making Appealing Apples Kate Evens, WSU 6/10/2014
Video NAPB Webinar Series Keen on Quinoa Breeding Kevin Murphy, WSU 6/3/2014
Video NAPB Webinar Series Get the Dirt on Potato Breeding Walter De Jong, Cornell University 5/20/2014
Video NAPB Webinar Series Cuckoo for Cucurbit Vine Crop Breeding Michael Mazourek, Cornell 5/13/2014
Video NAPB Webinar Series Putting the Snap in Snap Peas Jim Myers, Oregon State University 5/6/2014
Video NAPB Webinar Series A Recipe for the Perfect Salsa Tomato David Francis, Ohio State U. 4/29/2014
Video, pdf Research Genomic Applications in Strawberry Breeding Vance Whitaker, UFL 5/1/2014
Video Research Soil Borne Diseases of Dry Bean Martin Chilvers, MSU 2/6/2014
Video Research Michigan State University Plant Breeding and Genetics Symposium Various 12/13/13
Video, PDF, data files How-To Instruction Lattice Designs Jennifer Kling 11/14/13
Video, PDF Research Presentations II. Field Phenomics: Data Analysis Michael Gore and Kelly Thorp 10/31/13
Video, PDF Research Presentations I. Field Phenomics: Developing and Using a Sensor Array Pedro Andrade-Sanchez and John Heun 10/24/13
Video, PDF, data files, open source software How-To Instruction Use of GAPIT in Genome-Wide Association Studies Duke Pauli 10/3/13
Video, PDF, data files, open source software How-To Instruction Fast Semi-Parallel Linear and Logistic Regression for Genome-Wide Association Studies Karolina  Sikorska 9/12/13
Video, PDF, data files, open source software How-To Instruction Selective Sequencing through Combinatorial Pooling Stefano Lonardi and Timothy Close 9/21/13
Video, PDF Research Presentations International Quinoa Research Symposium Numerous 8/12/13 - 8/14/13
Video, PDF, data files, open source software How-To Instruction Using Realized Genomic Relationships for Prediction of Breeding Values  Fikret Isik 8/1/13
Video, PDF, Survey How-To Instruction How To Investigate Breeding Priorities Using Socioeconomic Methods Karina Gallardo & Huixin Li 4/18/13
Video Research Presentation Biofortification of Cassava for Africa Richard Sayre 12/14/12
Video, PDF, data files, open source software How-To Instruction Introduction to the rrBLUP Package in R for Genomewide Selection Amy Jacobson 10/31/12
Video Research Presentation A Century of Potato Breeding: Improvement, Diversification, and Diversity Candace Hirsch 8/12/12
How-To Instruction SNP Mapping and QTL Analysis in a Tetraploid Mapping Population David Douches 8/12/12
Video How-To Instruction What to Do When Your SNP Data Set Arrives Sarah Braun 8/12/12
Video How-To Instruction TetraploidMap and SolCAP SNPs for QTL Analysis in Potato Jaebun Park 8/12/12
Video How-To Instruction Using SolCAP SNPs to Map QTL for Calcium and Tuber Quality in a Tetrapoloid Population Cinthya Zorrilla 8/12/12
Video How-To Instruction Mapping Economically Important Traits In Tetraploid Potato Using Genome-Wide SNPs  David Douches 8/1/12
Video How-To Instruction Effects of Human Selection on Elite Tomato Germplasm and Implications for Genome-Based Selection David Francis 8/1/12
Video, PDF How-To Instruction How to Map Thousands of SNPs Allen Van Deynze  4/12/12
Video, PDF How-To Instruction How to Develop SNP-based Tetraploid Maps for Potato Dave Douches & Joe Coombs  4/5/12
Video, PDF How-To Instruction How to Use Double Haploids to Improve Winter Wheat Melanie Caffe & Bill Berzonsky 11/17/11
Video, PDF, data files, SAS How-To Instruction How to Design and Analyze Experiments Using an Augmented Design Jennifer Kling 11/10/11
Video, PDF How-To Instruction How to Breed for Organic Production Systems Jim Myers 10/18/11
PDF, sample data How-To Instruction Working with tomato Infinium and genomic data Sung-Chur Sim  10/11/11
Video, sample data, open source software How-To Instruction Using RECORD to map 1000s of SNPs  Allen Van Deynze  10/11/11
Video, sample data, open source software How-To Instruction The SolCAP phenotypic data: estimating heritability and trait BLUPs Heather Merk 10/11/11 
Video, PDF How-To Instruction Genomic selection in tomato breeding David Francis   10/11/11
Video, PDF,open source software How-To Instruction How to Align Sequences Candice Hansey 9/29/11
Video, sample data, open source software  How-To Instruction Introduction to R Statistical Software: Application to Plant Breeding Heather Merk


Research Presentation Phenotyping the SolCAP Potato Germplasm Panel  Walter De Jong 8/14/11
Video,open source software and data How-To Instruction Potato Genomics: What's Next?  C. Robin Buell 8/14/11
Video, open source software How-To Instruction SNP-Based Genetic Maps: Linkage and QTL Analysis Dave Douches 8/14/11
How-To Instruction Breeding in a Genomics Era  David Francis 8/14/11
Video, PDF How-To Instruction Developing the Breeder's Toolbox at SGN  Joyce van Eck 8/14/11
Video,PDF How-To Instruction Next Generation Sequencing Allen Van Deynze    11/10
Video, PDF How-To Instruction Working with Tomato Infinium Genotyping Data Allen Van Deynze   11/10
Video, PDF How-To Instruction Tomato Genome Browser (GBrowse) for Plant Breeders Heather Merk   11/10
Video, PDF How-To Instruction Accessing Sequence Resources David Francis   11/10
Video, PDF, open source software How-To Instruction  BioInformatics 101 David Francis   11/10
Video, PDF, data files, open source software How-To Instruction Downstream Analysis with SNP Markers Sung-Chur Sim   11/10
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