Which foods are rich in EPA and DHA?

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The amount of EPA and DHA varies from food to food. The best sources of EPA and DHA are fish and fish oils, especially: • Salmon • Anchovies • Mackerel • Bluefin Tuna • Sardines • Trout • White Albacore Tuna • Sea Bass • Pompano The amount of EPA and DHA varies from fish to fish and depends on the season, where it is raised, and what it is fed. Some types of these fish may contain mercury and other contaminants and/or may not be environmentally sustainable. More information about these issues can be found at the Monterey Bay Aquarium website, or get a more detailed list of fish and their omega-3 content from the USDA. Eggs and meats can also contain DHA when the animals are fed foods rich in DHA. Several new food products are also on the market that have EPA and DHA added, such as salad dressings, margarine and spreads, mayonnaise, milk, yogurt, and nutrition bars. DHA is usually found with EPA, and may be shown as EPA/DHA, but sometimes only DHA is added. Vegetarians can find foods enriched with DHA made from algae.

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