Is it true that pigs do not have sweat glands and, therefore, are not able to get rid of toxins in their bodies? i.e. making the pork meat unhealthy to eat.

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Pigs do not sweat but they are able to rid themselves of heat in other ways such as via their skin and through respiration. Because an animal does not sweat does not mean toxins build up in the body. Most pigs are fed highly balanced, nutritionally fortified diets and are kept in climate controlled facilities. They do not have access to anything that could be considered toxins. Even if they were able to get into toxins, the body rids them just as we do. Whenever we sweat, we do not think of that as our mechanism for ridding our body of toxins. Pigs have a metabolism very similar to ours and, thus, can cleanse themselves internally so to speak as we do. Pork is wholesome and you can be assured that it does not contain some mythical buildup of toxins. You can go ahead and enjoy that next great pork meal with no qualms.

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