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Upcoming Video Releases

These videos are geared toward bringing pertinent information to dairy producers, extension educators, allied industry professionals, and veterinarians across the United States. All of our upcoming videos will be posted on Youtube. Subscribe to the DAIReXNET channel to catch all our new releases!


An Overview of Work Safety and Health Issues on Dairy Farms

Dr. Dennis Murphy, The Pennsylvania State University

Dairy farming can be a hazardous occupation! In this presentation from Dr. Dennis Murphy, you can learn about potential hazards and how to mitigate risk on farms. Dr. Murphy will discuss safe animal handling practices, working in and around confined spaces, tractor and machinery safety, and respiratory hazards. He’ll also spend some time talking about safety and health regulations as well as how to manage worker safety and health on dairies.

Feeding Lower Energy Diets to Transition Dairy Cows

Dr. Heather Dann, The Miner Institute

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